Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes

By Com2uS Corp.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-01
  • Current Version: 1.0.13
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 187.37 MB
  • Developer: Com2uS Corp.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
Score: 5
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Join over 2 million Portal Masters in the Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes mobile RPG, brought to you by Com2uS and Activision. Summon Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor and collect many more of your favorite Skylanders in this epic fantasy adventure of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes. You are a Portal Master, a hero of Skylands! Create your battle strategy and team to defeat the most powerful bosses and protect Skylands. Reassemble the squad: - Collect 80+ in-game Skylanders from 10 different elements. - Awaken your Skylanders for the first time to make them stronger than ever before. - Equip your Skylanders with up to 10 magical Rune abilities that you can collect. - Summon Skylanders to battle by your side; summon Villains and Doomraiders to become your companions and complete your collection. Get ready to battle: - Become a hero, use elements to your advantage and knock down your enemies defenseless. - Mix and match Skylanders from your collection who possess unique skills and abilities to create an epic team strategy. - Test your strength against Portal Masters from all over the world in the PvP Arena, now featuring the all-new Real-Time Arena mode! - Defeat Kaos, Traptanium Kaos and Ultra Traptanium Kaos in the Hall of Chaos and show off your hero talents - Team up with friends and prepare for Guild War. - Complete challenges in Master Eon's guide and summon a 5* Skylander of your choice. Watch Skylands come to life: - Experience the epic fantasy world of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes. - Reimagine Skylands and give it your personal touch. ▣ Visit Here to Learn More About the Fantasy World of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Mobile RPG ▣ ▶ Official Website: ▶ Facebook Fan Page: ▶ Instagram: @Skylandersrpg Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is brought to you by Com2uS Corporation and Activision Publishing, Inc. Licensed and published by Com2uS Corporation. Engine © 2018-2019 Com2uS Corporation. © 2018-2019 Activision Publishing, Inc. SKYLANDERS is a trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc. Device App Access Permission Notice ▶ Notice per access permission Access permissions are requested in order for us to provide you with the following service when you use the app. [Required] None [Optional] - Notifications: The permission is required to send you push notifications regarding the game. - Camera: The permission is required to take profile pictures for HIVE members. - Contacts: The permission is required to find friends registered to contacts for HIVE members. - Photos: The permission is required to save/load game screens and change profile pictures for HIVE members. ※ Please note that you can still enjoy the service excluding features related to the above without giving access permissions. ▶ How to remove access permissions You can always change access permission settings whenever you'd like. - Device Settings> Select the corresponding app> Choose either to enable/disable access ▶Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is available in 13 different languages! English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Português, Español, Русский, Türkçe, Italiano, ไทย!◀ • Items are available for purchase in this game. • For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, visit - Terms of Service : - Privacy Policy : • For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting



  • Next update

    By Kaostrap40
    Can you add light and dark chest with *4 shadow stealth elf and *5 light Pop Fizz then maybe *4 Voodood and *5 Eye-Brawl?
  • Where did the rest of the skylanders go ?

    By wizeass amber @ yahoo . com
    I like the game but I’ve played all the Skylanders games and I’ve collected a lot of skylanders but when I play this game there’s less skylanders in the game that you made and I don’t really like it for example I go to the water element I see king pen and tide pool I go to the life element I only see ambush where’s boom bloom
  • I didnt like it and add the creator app back

    By Jehzay
    I dont like this game and i want the creator app back what happened
  • ☠️ Nerfed to Death ☠️

    By Miq2u
    Thanks to the recent updates, almost every aspect of the game has been nerfed... • Don’t get me wrong, the game is still okay, but no where near as fun or exciting as it once was. Bosses are stronger, skylanders are weaker, and your chances to get the better skylanders are GREATLY reduced. Seriously, the ability to get better quality soul stones needed to summon the epic or better skylanders is basically so low that if you really want an epic or better Skylander, you are likely going to have to buy it making an actual monetary purchase. I have used an insane amount tickets and gems trying to get stronger creatures for battle... I am getting so many of the lower quality Skylanders, and I cannot build up enough power to contend with the people who were able to get their stuff before the major “NERF” update basically destroyed the current game’s duel and challenge playability. • There has also been a change to how “Runes” used to strengthen your character are distributed. • many of the options that were available for purchase are gone as well. Mostly you buy big or go home now. The lower cost purchases only appear as special offers for a limited time. Plus the summons purchase aren’t offering anything even close to what they once did. • Even the basic parts of the game don’t offer the rewards they originally did. It wold be nice if they at least rotated the Skylanders so you could get different summoning stones, but they don’t even offer that. The new version is nowhere near as enjoyable or playable as the original. Good luck out there, if you still want to play.
  • Developer destroyed the game

    By Mrcofun
    It started off good for a few months, lots to farm/earn. After the July update, it died. It's impossible to farm new Skylanders as a new player. Even with a leg up, they force you into farming gold and runes only. The rune drop rate is ATROCIOUS, worse than any other incremental RPG I've played. The rewards for dailies are low and mostly useless. The events are just ok. There are a couple good points to the game, but very few. Guild wars are wrecked, but the reward is nice at least. If you play a guild that is missing people, you automatically fall behind due to the scoring system. They recently slipped fixing it to offer a completely useless rune suggestion feature. Gee, thanks. Invasions are tedious and rewarding if you're in a good guild, if not, they're 100% pointless. Arena is decent, no real issues with arena but it could be better. Farming is awful. Even on a bonus gold weekend, you'll make 50% more gold which they do pretty much every weekend. Problem is, even noon so farming on the weekend only nets you a couple million, if you have the Skylanders to carry it. That will level up, on average, 4 runes to max level. The AI is not very good, but that is typical of this style of game. Monthly tower is tedious and boring. 80 levels you can run on auto, but you're forced into 'slow mode', which can literally take a whole day of playtime to clear. The f2p player will never be a contender, the game is stacked against you being able to catch up, at all. If you're a p2w type - prepare to start robbing banks to cover it, it's 100$ for 100 pieces of a top tier Skylander, you'll need at least 600 pieces to max one out. 600$, for one. Meanwhile, you'll never catch up to the current player base.
  • Amazing

    By y0nd3r
    Its amazing
  • A few problems

    By Thetoddclan
    Can you please update it so we can change our user name, and I don’t like the portal master character and one more thing can you make gaining Xp easy, it’s super hard to level up I’m level 11 and on other games I would be a much higher level than I am now and can you make us have the option to change the look of our Skylanders I love the looks from the Netflix show skylanders academy fix these and I will be happy thank you for your time.

    By mishy unicornn
    I love this game so much! After watching the Skylanders academy series on Netflix I wanted to play something related to what I watched. This is the perfect app! I enjoyed playing this game.I recommend everyone to play this and watch the show as well. Great work! Looking forward to the upcoming updates too! Once again, amazing game!
  • Great game

    By Cha0s Kn1ght
    Honestly I remember playing trap team and superchargers and I enjoyed it a lot.Sowhen I heard they made ring of heroes I was excited to play and I was satisfied while playing.But with this new game there should be more characters from the other game heroes and villains to play as and there should be a new game,story,characters and old or new villains.So in the end this is a good game 5 stars and I hope there is a new story to continue the saga
  • I’m just mad

    By primeme
    I not writing about ring of heroes I’m writing about toys for bob why did they take down creators app and trap team mobile I’m mad