Whoop Triggerz

Whoop Triggerz

By Carlton whitfield

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2018-06-18
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 41.18 MB
  • Developer: Carlton whitfield
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4.5
From 83 Ratings


This revolutionary app makes it possible for anyone, yes ANYONE, to back up a preacher during service and sound like a 7 pc band while doing so! This is a serious music ministry tool that churches all across the nation have already taken advantage of since the PC/MAC version launched in 2015. Now for the first time , it is available for iOS mobile devices and we’ve made it BIGGER and BETTER! Pastors, your days of having to preach without musicians backing you are finally over! Church members, you now have the power to assist your pastor like never before. This app is designed for the church by the church. It’s easy to download and get started, and we guarantee church will never be the same! You’ve been looking for a way to enhance the music ministry at your church, and it’s finally here! Amazing Features: -Back up the preacher in any key without having any advanced musical knowledge. --Sound like a 7pc band with just the push of ONE button using the revolutionary Easy Play mode! All you have to do is tap the button, and each time, a new chord or band hit will play a realistic sequence that will instantly have you sounding like a pro! -Be creative and create your own sequence of Whoop chord progressions while playing in Pads view. You can take full control of the moment and easily flow as the atmosphere of the service changes! -Two amazing modes to play in. Full band mode, where you’ll trigger audio samples of drums, bass, piano, rhodes, synth, organ, and guitar, all playing together as a full church band. 2pc Organ and Drums gives you the traditional feel of just a Hammond B-3 organist and a drummer backing up the preacher. You can trigger organ runs, slides, and even make the organ “talk!” -The ability to change keys at any given time -Tap the S button and the congregation will be ready to shout! -Swipe right and instantly access 4 levels of shout music that you can switch between on the fly. You can change the key and the tempo at any given time! -Tap the T button and you’ll get endless organ talk music in any key! -Swipe left, and instantly access 4 levels of worship music that you can switch between at any point in time! You can also change the key and pitch at will.



  • Great app but charged more

    By HizzleJizzle
    I love the app! Although I was charged $65.39 vs the listed $59.99🤔 I want my $5 back lol 😡
  • Really Set an Atmosphere and Enhances Worship

    By KorpralPunishment
    Love this app, have used it to back up a preacher and to back up myself. I could tell the difference in the atmosphere between preaching with nothing vs preaching with the triggerz. Here are a few suggestions (ok so it’s more than a few) to take this app to the next level. Whoop Triggerz Would love the app to be able to be split screen on the iPad Pro. That would allow the sermon to be open on one side and the triggers on the other. That would be FIRE!!! Need a volume control on the “pads” because going from a trigger to talk music you can’t control the volume. You can a) switch from special to normal b) switch from pads to easy c) adjust the volume d) press talk. You can do that without it cutting of the whoop triggger but that’s a lot of steps made even more difficult to impossible if you are in “pads normal” mode because the triggers are short and you won’t have time to do all that and the talk music will come in loud. The shout music needs a fade. Yes there is an “ending” button but that only takes care of the Shout pad, at some point a user needs to fad out the Shout rhythm beat and now you only hit “stop” and it a very abrupt. a) if you fade it all out with the Ending button, anyone that want to keep shouting or restart the Shout rhythm they can just hit start again, because you really shouldn’t hit end until you’re ready to end because you can already just hit the Shout 1, 2 or 3 pad and have only the rhythm beat already. When I play a trigger and then wanting to swipe to Shout or Worship can the last trigger play out and not cut off when you swipe.? This also impact the “S” key, that you have to let it play out before swiping to Shout or it cuts it off. Having the/an “S” also on the Shout screen would help as well. On “Easy Play” when you are in Special mode the “special” button turn to “Fade”. I can kind of see it’s use however there is no “Fade” option in “Pads Play”. So it doesn’t really make sense to have it on one but not the other. Either need it on both on none. Also because the way you go from “Normal” to “Special” is not the same on “Easy Play” and “Pads Play” it make them seem different when the only difference really seem like is should be: a) continuous progression in Easy Play & b) ability to choose/create sequence in Pads Play. But the ability to Fade should either be on both or on neither. PS in Pads mode tapping the pad that’s currently playing doesn’t fade it it cuts it off abruptly and in Pads it does seem like 18 the ending would just close it sweetly from any other pad that playing but I’m not sure most people will equate “18” with “Fade”, they might but it’s more something you learn and are not guided by by the Pads/options labeling. In “Pads” I would get ride of the Green & Red key change options because especially in special mode you can’t change the key without it cutting off what’s already playing. If you could put a “pitch” change key like on Worship and Shout that would be sweet because those you can change and it changes while it’s playing and does not stop it. Doing this could also make room for a volume control in Pads mode. Finally but most importantly: THE APP IS A BATTERY KILLER. I figured out that if you leave the app open in the background it is fully running and drains the mess out of the battery.
  • Fix please

    By chris_199621
    Great app the only problem is the shout beat click is off with the band they playing on different levels
  • Overcharged

    By QB18BA
    I downloaded the app and it charged $65.00 instead of $59.99.
  • Great Addition To Every Church! Band or No Band its a must Have

    I Love This app & Spend Hours Learning How I could Seamlessly Run the App From The Drums!!! There No App Out That Can Compare! The CDub Brand Is The Best!!! A few Upgrades I Would Love To See Is 1) Being able to use all of the featured screens at the same time. When I swipe left or right it cuts off whatever I’m playing at the time. 2) the ability to use both the Loops by CDub app and the Whoop Triggerz App Together! 3) The ability to change keys while the trigger is live instead of the trigger cutting off to Chang the key & eventually the choice to pick from different Bumps and Worship Concepts would be Great!! DWBass
  • Makes It Work With Limited Personell

    By Timstrel
    I did a FB live video and set up a scenario of when my whole band left and I had to close the service by myself on keys and the pastor didn’t realize the rest of the band was even gone. C-Dub is a genius and very innovative for putting this wonderful app together.
  • App Not Downloading

    By Displeased 😡
    Purchased this app and it’s not downloading sent an email to the developer waiting on a response if not resolved in a few hours I will be requesting a full refund from App Store I already have a case # for this... Buyer Beware!!!!
  • Great idea

    By Jhicks365
    This app has a great concept and it will change the service for a lot of churches which doesn’t have any musicians. However, When I am in the 7pc band selection, the keys 11-18 are all the same. Also, on the shout tracks, when you change the key, all instruments are playing in a different key. Please help with this
  • Cedrick

    By Can CSB
    I love this app! I believe it would be even better if it was an easier transition between the full band and organ and drums without having to go in and out and can there be more than one talk music so we do we don’t have to sound the same all the time? We have Not because we ask Not
  • Need help with download

    By 'didksjk
    No I got it taken care of. Love it