• Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2018-01-13
  • Current Version: 0.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 57.54 MB
  • Developer: ENSOUND CO.,LTD
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.3


An application that matches the frequency of the chakra. With the low tinnitus sound of 128 Hz which I heard during the meditation, I found that the seven sounds of the Pythagoras tempo which made A = 432 Hz work on the body's seven chakras. Enhance meditation and chakra, aim for consciousness in that part of the body, want to examine chakra of aroma and food, use it to feel comfortable, etc. Tinnitus of 4096 Hz (angel gate frequency) of high sound is also output with the sound of Root chakra. It is very useful for those who are interested in the relationship between body and frequency, music therapy, tuning fork therapy, voice conscious of Taneda, mantra, aroma chakra. In addition, if you use the pillow type speaker called HugMe made by ENSOUND, you can feel the vibration of the sound with your skin, so you can enjoy it more effectively. Explanation of Chakra button ------------------ B 7th Crown Chakra A 6th 3rd eye Chakra G 5 th Throat Chakra F 4th Heart Chakra E 3rd Solar Chakra D 2nd Sacral Chakra C 1st Root Chakra Besides, Bb between 3rd eye and Crown, and Eb sound of umbilical sacrum / sacrum were added. According to circumstances, the buttons of Bb and Eb are shifted to the right, but it is on the center line of the body. The plus and minus buttons move up and down the octave. The lowest output frequency is 16 Hz and the highest frequency is 20736 Hz. Since it is difficult to reproduce extremely low sound (40 Hz or lower) with a general small speaker properly, we recommend using headphones or we recommend HugMe hug pillow type speaker made by ENSOUND. Notes------------------ Higher sounds over 10000 Hz will not hear as their hearing decays with age. Even if you do not hear it, please note that there may be inconvenience around you. Since there is a danger of damaging your hearing, pay attention to the volume especially when using headphones. How to check aroma and food corresponding to chakra ------------------ A = 432 Hz The sound of Pythagoras tempo can be confirmed for which chakra is compatible with aroma and food and drink. While enjoying the smell and taste, try sounding the chakra and discover the sound that is most comfortable. Those which the author examined are posted on the blog. Although it is a verification with a small number of people, for example, it became as follows. Because all are easy to get, please experiment. Coffee 3rd eye Chakra A Eucalyptus Throat Chakra G Rose Heart Chakra F Miso Solar Chakra E Iran Iran Sacral Chakra D Frankincense Root Chakra C Other features ------------------ I will also work in the background. Besides the sound of the seven chakras of Doremifah solasi, the frequencies of consciousness also put the frequencies of Eb and Bb that tend to fit there. Because it does not loop sampling data, it outputs a beautiful sine wave with little distortion.