ArtPose Pro

ArtPose Pro

By shawn ogle

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2017-12-15
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 244.14 MB
  • Developer: shawn ogle
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 3.5
From 22 Ratings


ArtPose Pro is a fun and artistic app for posing the Male and female figure. Create fast and dynamic poses in minutes. Quickly flesh out an ideal pose to use in your favorite art apps. ArtPose Pro lets you Pose two figures together male or female at the same time. Change the size shape of the figures and the lighting to get just the look you want. 240 preset starter poses make getting started a snap. ArtPose is about keeping you in the moment of creation. Includes support for iPhone X, And Split screen multitasking on iPads.



  • This is the best model reference for artists

    By A.Kinng
    I've been doing illustration for more than 20 years and decided to launch my own science fiction comicbook called Alienox with just one challenge: using only the iPad, I wanted to work on my comic just with the iPad and Apple Pencil and with your app this dream has come true! Seeing my comic available in iBooks or Amazon, and knowing that was possible because of your app is something that I will never know how to thank you! Keep the good work!
  • Wrist Issue Fixed! No, It’s Not

    By dog opus
    I was so excited about this update when I saw the claim that the incredibly frustrating wrist issue had been resolved. It hasn’t. It’s still there. Thanks for continuing to show your disdain for those of us who paid more for the pro version (I previously bought the regular male and female versions) hoping for pro features. Joke’s on us, I guess.
  • Performs incredibly worst compared to the other apps

    By Sean slacker
    Even when using one model, the app runs at an abysmal 5 fps. The separate apps run nearly at 30 fps. The posing is also much more tedious.
  • I would suggest... IMO

    By True_Gauntlets
    Things it needs: Move tools: like the bottom circle of the model in “pose mode!” By selecting the wrist or foot of the desired limb, one could control said limb almost entirely! Also for the hip as well! If one moves or rotates the hip, then the feet (and perhaps hands) shouldn’t move. This feature could be turned on and off as desired! Rotate tools: I tried the app “Easy Poser” and its rotate tools seem like something an iPod or iPad app should utilize! Simply dragging on the device for me seems a bit cumbersome and it would take a good minute to get my desired pose! These are my suggestions! Ever fiddled with “Poser” or any other 3D animation/posing software? That’s what I’m getting at!
  • Charged me 13$ when it says 5.99$ ??

    By About rosewood
    Why was I charged extra?
  • Freezes with iOS 11.4.1

    By Airobatic
    Great app, before I updated my iPad Pro to iOS 11.4.1 Now, it’s useless. It freezes, about 2% functionality
  • Crash crash

    By Sabuesoman
    I have the 2 previous versions and I like them a lot, but this one crashes constantly, can't even get to change body types. Please check into this guys.
  • Great app for figure reference.

    By Charlie Fithian Media
    I am a professional artist and I use this app a lot. It would be great if the next update had some props in the hands like a cylinder, a sphere, a pencil, a fork, and a gun. New hair styles, eyebrows and skin color would be nice. Also if there were a way to export a pose with a transparent background as like a PNG would be awesome.
  • Well...

    By Yeah - I said it!
    I expected to be able to shrink the models. Tried to have woman and child. Art Pose Pro did not work for that. We should be able to change model's height. We need a genderless child model, like toddler or at least less than 8 years old. Needs four or more models on screen for a family. Needs free simple props. Would pay for a posable dog/horse. Needs to export transparant PNG to iCloud or other apps. Thanks. I like the rest. As for that app mentioned in another review; "Make a Pose" is much harder to use, but allows 6 models at a time, includes a horse and extras like ball, sword, and add-on wings.
  • So buggy - it’s useless!

    By GadgetMojo
    The app has several major flaws and some make it hard for workarounds. Making the app nearly useless. 1) Saving doesn't always work. Sometimes it saves, other times one of the two figures is saved in default standing position. Sometimes the app crashes completely, so you lose all your work! 2) Undo doesn't work properly and always (as a side effect) resets the wrist position to default 3) When twisting (rotating) something using two fingers - press with one and then with another finger slide. But as soon as you touch the screen with the second finger the limb jumps into some extreme position. You can then slide it to the position you want, but as soon as you lift the finger it just jumps into some random position again. This happens almost always. But after a few tries it might start working as intended. 4) There's no limiting setting for most limbs, so you often end up in some unrealistic twisted position. And you don't always notice this until you rotate the viewport. A little too much would be alright, but it ends up being twisted in distorted ways that is not something anyone could use. Not like a broken arm, rather like a thin line instead of a portion of an arm, for example. This can’t be too difficult to fix, just set maximum value of every rotation in the code. In fact, the limiting is only there for knees, chest, and shoulder blade area. 5) The Save pose mechanism is pretty badly done. When you save you don't know if you're about to overwrite your previous save. Well at least this has a workaround. You have to click Load on the left side, so you basically have two menus open at the same time. This way you see that on the left side slot 10, for example, is not taken so you can save on the right side in slot 10. Classic Save/Save As, without any slots would be a much better way! If #5 was the only problem I wouldn't even take a single star off, and still give 5, to sort of promote this product because it's got so much useful potential. But I have only used it for about 20 minutes to discover all these things I've listed! Which of course means that the developer knows about it. To call a product like this "Pro", well that's just not right. Maybe "alpha" would be more suitable. In short, these bugs make it completely impossible to get anything done without a lot of frustration and lots of wasted time. I don't mind minor bugs, you know if a developer is dedicated those will be resolved. But to push into production such broken product is telling me they just don't care. Returning this defective thing back. There are alternative apps available, and after trying some (most are worse than this, looking like they’re ported straight from Windows 3.11) but I’ve found one that works reliably and has well detailed figures (though ArtPose is a bit better detailed). But in this app (I won’t mention its name to avoid making this review seem biased) it’s easy to rotate viewport without clicking on different icons that are in opposite corners! You just tap outside the models anywhere and you can rotate camera, tap on a model and you can adjust it. Adjusting there is so cool and smooth, you can move a certain part of the body, like abdomen, and the body moves naturally. But that app’s saving function is even worse than ArtPose’s. But at least it saves. ArtPose also has much more preset poses, while that app comes empty. It comes with full-feature 7 day trial, reverting to free version afterwards. Free limitations being single model, and no finger adjustments. But finger adjustment there is pretty bad anyway. At least in ArtPose presets are natural looking. The best finger position flexibility I’ve seen so far is in “Make A Pose”, I can mention it because well, to put it in kind words, that app is in a whole different league... So in short, there are only two apps in this category that are close to being perfect for the task. If ArtPose Pro was to fix these awful bugs, make the left camera icon to be a toggle switch between editing and viewport adjustment, or put both icons on the left side. It would be a clear winner. If you change the Save to be working as a simple Save/Save As where you can see if you’re overwriting something easily and if you introduce finger adjustment instead of handful of presets, well then this app would simply be perfect!