Chain Strike™

Chain Strike™

By Com2uS Corp.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-03-29
  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 141.76 MB
  • Developer: Com2uS Corp.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 4
From 467 Ratings


"One move forward. One step towards victory." Chain Strike, a turn-based tactical RPG! Do you want to know more about Chain Strike? ▶Chain Strike Official Facebook Page: @chainstrike ▣ Game Characteristics ▣ ▣ Unlimited strategies and battles played on a chess board > Play strategic battles using Rook/Bishop/King/Knight/Queen who are now available as RPG characters! > Place up to 5 Guardians on the best strategic positions to attack simultaneously using a Pincer Attack! > Enjoy the battle of wits manually or with various auto-battle options provided! ▣ Create your own team to battle against worldwide users using your own strategic plan > Various Guardians consist of 4 different types (Attack/Defense/HP/Support) and 5 different Directions (Rook/Bishop/King/Knight/Queen) are waiting for you! > Form the unstoppable team by combining each Guardian's unique skills, traits, and directions! > Enter the ranking battle to compete with users from all around the world! ▣ Rich content that will take your breath away > An epic story mode that takes place in the Signus continent! > Who will be the strongest? Test your strength in the Promotion Battle PvP! > Enter the Forgotten Tower and attack using all the characters in your possession! > Go to the Unknown Land where you can acquire various items from a Giant Boss and get stronger! > Go to the Mysterious Sanctuary where you can acquire valuable equipment! > The essential way to get stronger! Enter the Hall of Judgment where you can acquire materials for Guardian Awakening! ▣ Meet over 200 attractive characters - A handful of unique characters that are too unique to miss out! - Awaken your Guardians to transmogrify them with a new stylish look! - Create your own favorite character to show off to your Guild members and others in game! *** This game doesn't support the following devices: iPhone3Gs/iPhone4/iPhone4S/iPod touch 3,4G/iPad1 *** You can enjoy Chain Strike in English, Français, Deutsch, 한글, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Português, Español, or ไทย. *** Device App Access Permission Notice ▶ Notice per access permission Access permissions are requested in order for us to provide you with the following service when you use the app. [Required] None [Optional] - Notifications: The permission is required to send you push notifications regarding the game. - Camera: The permission is required to take profile pictures for HIVE members. - Contacts: The permission is required to find friends registered to contacts for HIVE members. - Photos: The permission is required to save/load game screens and change profile pictures for HIVE members. ※ Please note that you can still enjoy the service excluding features related to the above without giving access permissions. ▶ How to remove access permissions You can always change access permission settings whenever you'd like. - Device Settings> Select the corresponding app> Choose either to enable/disable access • Items are available for purchase in this game. • For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, visit - Terms of Service : - Privacy Policy : • For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting



  • Bug

    By DedMedved
    Why the last patch of this game don’t update? Version phone: iPhone 6s+
  • Updates are the worst part of game

    By JCuban
    When you have rewards based on completing tasks within a day its frustrating that every update costs like 12-24 hours of downtime which often ruins progress on rewards. Not sure why updates are such a problem with this game. I live in US east coast, its like they are having issues with the time zones for updates. Today it sends you to a page that doesnt load, usually it tells you to download the update meanwhile the app store doesnt have it for 12 more hours. Anyhow, game is quite fun and i enjoy it, hence the 4 stars. I wish it was more about strategy and less about how high your power level is. Rewards are frequent yet at higher levels they are less useful, but its still a good game with some fun combat. Heavenstrike Rivals will forever be the best game like this ever tho, RIP. If i was to improve this game it would be: 1. Adding saved teams. character skills group with certain other characters, it would be great if you could save like 5 different teams to auto assign for different situations. Example: sleep team, freeze team, defensive, heavy offense.... 2. This should be a strong #1. The auto repeat level 10x should either play super fast or be computed instantly. If i want to spend my shoes farming armor i dont want to set auto play and wait 10-12 minutes for it to finish. Terrible. Most frustrating time waster, not fun. 3. Same as 2 but for the equipment upgrades, just give me instant results, i dont want to watch attempts for 10 minutes. 4. Auto collect rewards. Why have us open the reward menu and mailbox over and over? Just give on completion. All in all save us time everywhere possible when we arent actually playing the game. 5. The auto battle logic could use some improving, dont buff/heal when its not needed, dont use attack all enemy skills on 1 enemy when other skills available. Dont burn through skills on weak enemies before bosses. It should be smart enough to know if a skill is needed.
  • A+ Game!

    By ..........p
    More people should be playing this awesome game! Chess, RPGs, Visual Novels- all my favorite games in one! Stunning graphics. A++!
  • Poor network optimization?

    By itsjewlian
    Im not sure what the issue really is but literally every action you make in this game (even navigating menus) results in a small load. If I wanna see my heroes, I’ll click the hero tab and bam, small load. They’re only about 1-2 seconds long but having a small 1-2 second load after ANY action is pretty annoying. This is both on LTE and WiFi. Really liked the games but it was just taking too long to get anything done.
  • Good game

    By Soy mala
    Good game
  • Purchases

    By LeiZir7
    I am changing my review back to 1 star. I bought a legendary equipment package today. I was hoping to get good blade equipment. But after opening all the equipment, I DID NOT GET A SINGLE GOOD EQUIPMENT. All I received were trash. I am so frustrated. I feel like I have been cheated. I feel like I have been SCAMMED. I didn’t spend $29.99 just to feel like this. I have never played a game like this. This game is so full of BS. Although I have spent more than a $1000 on this game, my guildmates who doesn’t pay have better equipment than me. I farm hours and hours on the Mysterious Sanctuary and I usually get one good equipment once in a while. So I took my chance and I end up getting trash and you still took my money in exchange for trash equipment. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I am on the verge of quitting. Keep it up Com2uS!
  • Pre registration code

    By Brazenc
    I didn’t any email for a coupon and I did my pregistration
  • Gaming experience

    By Galt322
    The Game is awesome great graphics awesome story line overall it’s a very good game very addictive 👍👍👍👍
  • Great game and great potential

    By AlexWGamer12
    I have played several games, like summoners war, wonder tactics, knights chronicles. This is probably the most friendly one to F2P. It gives you tons free stuff if you keep playing. Global Top 100 in Arena is filled with F2P players and one of the top 3 players is completely F2P. So try this game out to see if you like it. The only issue I have is the lack of content creators online. Come2us obviously is not doing a great job at advertising. As a result, the game’s current popularity is not good enough to draw YouTube creators to create chain strike related content. Please do more for this game come2us. I can see its potential and you guys need another game other than summoners war to support your company in the future.
  • Cannot sync an account

    By BlaZatRap
    I cannot sync my old account although I had connected to FB and Hive account. Even when I pressed play as guest, it showed that cannot sync an account. Although I really love this game. But it seen like no new story that make people bored. Lost an account and wasted money.