Getting Over It

Getting Over It

By Bennett Foddy

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-12-06
  • Current Version: 1.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 179.62 MB
  • Developer: Bennett Foddy
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 4
From 2,841 Ratings


A game I made For a certain kind of person To hurt them. • Climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot. • Listen as I make philosophical observations about the problem at hand. • Between 2 and ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, depending. The median time to finish for my playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞. • Lose all your progress, over and over. • Feel new types of frustration you didn't know you were capable of.



  • Kinda buggy

    By MagicMasterRod
    Let’s get straight to the point, I like this game but it lags A LOT. They are just sudden lag spikes that make my hammer jolt really fast. Ik some people would say “ oh then it’s just your WiFi”. I have the best WiFi on the planet (McDonalds WiFi). I do recommend this game tho, good game Bennett Foddy
  • Woah

    By Casey O
    This game is fantastic! Even though my phone screen broke when I rage quitted one time. The credits at the end are also really cute and sweet! Awesome game
  • Kill me

    By TherealMVPPP🍖🍇🌯🍜
    Kill me
  • Awesome Game!!!!!

    By Brightpurpleelephant
    This game is super awesome. Since I can’t play it on pc this is a really cool idea for me. The controls are a tiny bit weird but other than that, this game is amazing (and pretty frustrating at times).
  • Horrible

    By crackersL
    The controls: GARBAGE. Does it quit on you?: You bet it does. Fix this game it’s garbage
  • I wish to god I hadn’t given this jerk any of my money.

    By roseaddams
    I knew this game would be challenging but I had no idea how pretentious it would be from start to my realization that I was deriving absolutely zero enjoyment from it. From the awful, condescending narration — designed exclusively to make the player feel like garbage for not being good enough to play this game — to the deliberately cruel design, to the truly awful and inconsistent control scheme on iOS, this game is an exercise in torture and meanness. I get it, this is the point of the game. Sure. But it’s so deliberately smug, so arrogant and condescending to my attempts to make any progress that it makes me feel almost as terrible as the rest of my life does. I guess I’m not the audience for this kind of game, but I don’t need the game itself to constantly remind me what a failure I am while I fail at it. I think the developer put it best in the narration when he said (I’m paraphrasing here) “when I put a new obstacle in the game and couldn’t get past it, it immediately felt like it was my fault as a player, not as a designer.” The massive ego that he’s managed to cultivate from making deliberately sloppy, impossible-to-control games is so ridiculously cruel that the struggle of trying to beat them isn’t worth the effort of having to listen to him talk to me the whole time.
  • Fun game, poor controls

    By ShioN915
    The accuracy will never be as good as PC obviously but the controls are still buggy as it will randomly move the hammer fast even when you barely move the hammer (this is with low to medium sensitivity and acceleration turned off). Just standing still and swinging the air will let you see how bad the accuracy is. This is with an iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    By player576738336
    I hate this game it doesn’t work
  • My biggest issue is not the expected frustration

    By Kiwi1214
    I have an iPhone X I am constantly accidentally exiting the app because of the swipe up feature. Is there a setting we can add to disable this mechanic while in game play?
  • Controls

    By Tyl3rth3kill3r
    All that the game needs is a fixed joystick.