Pocket Build

Pocket Build

By MoonBear LTD

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-11-01
  • Current Version: 1.9.34
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 357.89 MB
  • Developer: MoonBear LTD
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 4.5
From 9,476 Ratings


Have you ever wanted to make your own little fantasy world? A farm, some kind of castle, or just an epic fantasy city? Pocket Build is an open world game where you can build with no limitations or restrictions. Build whatever you like, whenever you like, however you like. The possibilities are endless! - Featured as Game of the day. - #1 game in over 57 countries. - "An open world sandbox building game with a great 3D graphics engine." - AppAdvice Castles, people, animals, trees, fences, farms, bridges, towers, houses, rocks, land, it's all their for the building. The only limit is your imagination! - Hundreds of items to build. - Huge open world. - Build instantly. - Collect resources and build special items. - Beautiful 3D graphics. - New items added every update. - All items unlocked. - Endless possibilities. - Buildings, Trees, People, Animals, Fences, Pathways, Castles, Skulls, Barrels, Farms, Bridges, Towers, Houses, Rocks, and loads more! - Build, rotate, and place items anywhere in the world. - Control the camera view, rotate, zoom. - 3D touch support. - Haptic feedback. The possibilities are endless! Build your own city, build your own world, build your own castle, be creative, craft your land, build a town, create your own adventure, build anywhere in an open world. Become a Pocket Builder today!



  • Future Updates

    By PeacefulCritic
    I love this game, and appreciate it. I would have never dreamed of such a great create game before in my life, like this one. I think it is very well done created, and I love the detail put into this, maybe some more great details will come in the future. Some things I would love to see that would make this game evolutionary is by simply adding geographical, natural disasters. Maybe add meteorites, tornadoes, something crazy like that. Some other content I would like to see is people interaction, maybe a real economy, government, a money system, something that will blow other games out of the water. Thank you for this great game, I don’t regret getting it. Just enable us to toggle people interaction if we choose to do so. Like let things “naturally” happen.
  • This game is really fun, but...

    By Picklelovesmermaids
    I’ve had a great time playing this game and so far it is super fun, but I spent some time working on building and decorating and it all got that I had placed then was deleted when I went back on the game. Then I placed a few items down to see if they deleted if I left the game and they did. I also tried syncing it but I had no luck.
  • God

    By kdude232
    This game is really good I would definitely recommend it for non gamers also to the developer can you add some more buildings
  • Good game.

    By Portersryan
    It feels like a more creative game then Minecraft. This is the kind of game I like to play while watching TV unwinding after a long day. But, the app is not optimized for iPhone X. The buttons get cut off on the corners. You also have to build your own landscape in the game. It would be more fun if landscape had an auto generate function and I could just build my city.
  • It’s alright...

    By Mr.HonestGameReviewer
    I mean if you just want a game where it’s mainly building and that’s really it then this is for you. Me personally would like to see a change in the NPCs like when it’s night maybe they go in their houses and stop working or when there being attacked they hide in houses or something like that as well as a more life full environment and events that may occur like tornados, volcano eruptions etc.
  • Super exciting!

    By Fronlex219
    Love this game so much. I get overwhelmed because I have no idea what to even make! Although one suggestion I could give is that users could make customs NPCs. I have a certain species of animals that I’ve made that make villages to live in. It’d be so cool to have the actual species runnin around their village
  • Good

    By Jaahouse
    I like this app I just wish I was able to have a delete button you can go back but no delete button 🙄🙄🙄 But this game is still really good and I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT
  • 10000000 out of 10

    By sayen princess
    (Bug was just in a world, kinda sad to give it up but it’s ok) I love this game. It’s really fun. I like the free creativity of this game!!! This game has also been extremely therapeutic, and it helps my stress, anxiety, etc. I also like how you can copy other people’s worlds to your own for the less creative people and how you can private your world so no one can copy or see it. But the past updates make it so more things cost in game currency (igc for short). You should add a creative mode where everything is free, no igc needed. However, some people like the challenge. You could make a challenge mode where everything costs igc. The fact that the game was a great place to just build without too much igc was the greatest appeal to the game for me. Still is. Recommend to anyone. And the game is good, great, no, it’s amazing. Thanks for everything!!!
  • Boring

    By gdeggdr
    This game is so boring you make a kingdom but it’s just cosmetic there is no challenge and the fight are boring
  • Absolutely Amazing

    By The Amazing Bebo
    I’ve had this game for a couple months now, and I am absolutely in love. I feel as though it could use a few things though. I’d love to see many more house types, and different NPCs (especially a male elf). I would also absolutely love the addition of some type of option to play a lot of trees at once, as making a forest at the moment is very time consuming. There are still a few glitches I find from time to time but nothing game breaking. The most common one I find is that occasionally when you delete ground it will still look as though it’s there, when it’s not. Kind of a like a ghost tile. This can easily be fixed by restarting the game though. I absolutely recommend this game to anyone who wants to build their own world! The possibilities are nearly endless, and it just gets better with every update. Can’t wait to see the end product of this.