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Body Love with Anna Victoria

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Learn how to live healthy, get results and love yourself through Anna Victoria’s proven and effective method for Body Love! Body Love is about fueling, nourishing and challenging your body, all while loving it no matter at what point you are in your fitness journey. Workouts only 30-45 minutes a day! Can be done anywhere! No gym required. Choose your fitness level! Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Learn how to properly fuel your body Calculate your macros and caloric needs based on your goals Access to the worldwide community of women on this same journey! Over the last few years, millions women of all different body types have achieved amazing results with Anna Victoria. Body Love with Anna Victoria has taken the tried and true method of her Fit Body Guides and enhanced them with all new exercises, recipes, and now the Body Love App will make it even easier to achieve progress and ultimately, Body Love! Join the worldwide community of women and achieve your Body Love goals! Start your 7-day free trial to see how getting in shape and eating well will help you be the best version of yourself and improve confidence with Body Love. Get Fit! Body Love App will give you daily step-by-step workout video tutorials for each body part through the week. The Body Love workouts are based on scientifically proven high-intensity and strength training moves designed to help you burn fat and strengthen your body at the same time! Understanding health is key! Anna Victoria includes over 40 educational videos that provide insight on everything you need to know about health, fitness, eating well and loving yourself. Nourish your Body! Food is fuel! The Body Love App has over 80 healthy, easy recipes to help keep your meals exciting and delicious. The Body Love App will take all the guess work out of which meals will help regulate your metabolism, give you energy and fuel you for an amazing day. Custom macro and caloric meal plan ranges will give you the exact portions your body needs to help you achieve your fitness goals. Be Mindful! Body Love will help you focus on Mindfulness which will improve your mental and emotional well-being. Being mindful through your day and especially through your journey is what will help you achieve true Body and Self-Love. You should be your own biggest cheerleader and sometimes we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. Learn to prioritize yourself and see how this transcends into taking better care of others in your life as well as improving your professional, personal, and fitness life. The Body Love App Mindfulness section will keep you feeling strong, healthy, and empowered mentally and emotionally throughout your entire journey. Stay Motivated! Join the Body Love community and connect with girls doing the exact same workouts and meal plan as you! They will provide you all the emotional support you need to stay on track and succeed on your Body Love Journey. Monthly workout challenges! Need something to amp up your motivation? Membership, Pricing and Terms: Body Love memberships start with a 7-day free trial. The 7-day trial period will end exactly 7 days after sign up, at this time membership payment will be processed according to the membership plan chosen by the member upon sign up. Depending on which plan is chosen, members will be charged either $16.99 each month, $45.99 every three months or $159.99 every 12-months. Membership period begins immediately after the 7-day trial ends and will repeat every month, three months or year, depending on membership plan. Membership will auto-renew and payments will be processed on a continual basis unless subscription is cancelled 24 hours prior to the end of the membership period. Privacy Policy: iTunes Subscription Terms: Terms and Conditions :



  • New Update

    By FBG babe
    Love this app for workouts and meal prep! It’s your own personal trainer at your fingertips! However, I just downloaded the new update and now I cannot log in with my Facebook. It just loads FOREVER same with Instagram :(.
  • Best Virtual Trainer For the Money

    By Sweet Lou!
    I’ve tried TIU, BBG, Nike+, etc., and I have to say this is the app that I’ve stuck with consistently. The price point for the monthly subscription is basically a latte a week. I like how the workouts are challenging enough to leave you sore the next day but not so challenging you’re waddling up stairs day after leg day. They’re also progressive with added weight and reps along the way. I would LOVE to see Apple Watch support with timer haptics for things like planks, hollow body holds, and the monthly challenges. I also wish I’d had the option of starting from week 1 instead of the middle of a program. The latest update i don’t think quite fits the bill as it still shows I’m on week 7 when in actuality, I’m on week 3 (unless i missed a checkbox or a setting somewhere?). Thanks for developing a great app!
  • Probably going to get a year subscription!

    By chyfitt
    Loving it so far! The workouts are intense which I love and the customer service is the best by far as well. Hope to see good results these next few months!!
  • The BEST Fitness App

    By akoxtogo
    The Body Love app has a super clean interface and is very user friendly. Anna has taken the time to create a ton of educational videos which make you feel educated and comfortable when beginning the workout plan. The workouts are challenging, yet not so difficult that you feel like you’re dying. Anna is amazing at teaching the right mindset for a successful fitness journey. Her 100% real body love message has changed he lives of women all over the world including myself. Because of Anna, I am now living my passion of becoming a personal trainer so I can help others the way she has helped me. I am a new personal trainer, and Anna is the only PT I trust with my fitness journey. I highly recommend the Body Love app and workout program to any woman who is ready to change your life. Try it, and Thank me later. XoXo
  • Overall ok

    By L8iop
    I hate that if you don’t start the app on a Monday then you lose a whole week and you can’t actually start a fresh week on the day that you actually purchase the app. This is also exactly like Kayla itsines app
  • Kicked my butt!

    By Kikita92
    This app is so helpful I’m so many ways besides workout routines. The meals with the grocery list, the stretch exercises and the many videos to motivate and help you understand what you are doing. I did my first workout with the app yesterday and I can’t even move today! Loving it so far!
  • Meal plan- glitch or no variety?

    By nglang
    Is there a glitch on the food section or are we really suppose to eat the same two sets of meals every week? A little variety would be nice!
  • Lovin' Body Love!

    By ale10903
    Tried the 7-day trial and the workouts were challenging and seemed very thought out. Definitely was sore every day - I used the app in complement with my regular weight training or cardio workouts and I do feel it made a difference with my focus and I looked forward to the daily challenges! I'll definitely be subscribing soon - thank you Anna Victoria and your team for the hard work on it and I'm so proud of you! 💕💕
  • Great App, but there is some glitches.

    By Lilymars
    I really do love this app. I have been following Anna Victoria on IG for a while now but was hesitant to buy her FBG workouts but when she released an app with a free trial, I signed up immediately!! I think it is a pretty good deal considering a gym would be so much more and with the app you basically get a personal trainer and a full meal plan. Workouts: Love the workouts, no complaints whatsoever. They are challenging without being impossible and I have definitely seen results in the 2 months I have been doing it. Meal plan: I really like the simplicity of the meals. And they are all pretty yummy! They don’t take long to prepare and it makes it so easy to plan in advance. I find that the ingredients are fairly affordable. My only complaint is some of the glitches with the meals. For example: At times on the grocery list, there has been a few ingredients that are no where to be found in the meals. Other times, there will be ingredients listed that are not on the instructions or the other way around which can make it a little confusing. For some suggestions: It would be nice to be able to compare progress photos side by side and zoom in. As of now, they are very small thumbnails and difficult to see. Also, it would nice on the meals to have nutrition facts so that if we need to substitute a food item it will be easy to find something similar. I do use my fitness pal but it’s just kinda a pain to have to go back and forth. But overall, it is a really good app and has helped me get in better shape and get in good eating habits.

    By Ajm9603
    Love it! Just wish more food options would be added:)