• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-01
  • Current Version: 2.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 94.80 MB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 3.5
From 222 Ratings


Square Enix’s fast-paced 3-on-3 action MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), “FLAME vs BLAZE”! 【Game Description】 3-on-3 action for up to 6 players on smartphones and tablets! Take control of unique “agents” in this spectacular 3D team-based action game! ----------------------------- ◆Simple Controls! ----------------------------- Easy to pick up with simple and intuitive tap-based controls to move, attack, and use flashy skills! ----------------------------- ◆Giant Boss-on-Boss Battles! ----------------------------- Giant bosses known as “Reactors” join the fight in the second half of the match! In the first half of the match, you’ll power up your sleeping Reactor by collecting “Mana” throughout the battlefield by defeating enemy players! ----------------------------- ◆Make Monsters your Allies! ----------------------------- Defeat monsters in the field to tame them and make them fight alongside you! If you prefer to avoid confronting enemy players, you can still contribute to your team by taming specialized support monsters! ----------------------------- ◆Free-to-Play Friendly! Just Battle! ----------------------------- After each match you’ll earn “Scratch-off Tickets” and “Midas” currency, regardless of if you win or lose! Scratch-Off Tickets contain equipment “Cards” that you equip to your agents to strengthen them in battle! With many different card effects to choose from, the possibilities for strategizing are endless! The more you play, the stronger you’ll become! ----------------------------- ◆Clear Missions for Rewards! ----------------------------- Fulfill mission objectives to earn rewards, such as the premium “Topaz” currency to buy cards or agents in the Shop! You can also obtain agent stories and agent-specific equipment cards by clearing Agent Missions!



  • SQEX greed

    By TheAnteChrist
    After rushing a glitchy game to market, they ignore support requests regarding all the glitches. Instead of using the profits from in app purchases to fix issues, SQEX decides to end service in February 2018. Take the money and run. Classic SQEX move. It was just a cash grab on the moba market before Arena of Valor was released. They had no intention in competing with AoV.
  • It fun

    By 🐲jade🐲
    It is fun to play around with and it is actually possible to get your favorite characters unlike most games like this and the card are fun to collect and figure how to use them ... the characters story also gives the game more depth
  • Disappointed

    By holyrod
    I played this game during the beta version, it had me hooked. Subsequently, the full version lacked replay value and seemed to me like another money grabber. I would've hoped for more features being added, new maps, new agents, during the initial release but sadly we didn't get that. Overpowered agents really dull gameplay and limits players to only rely on the top tier agents, and luck in order to win. Player vs CPU gameplay is useless, and the rewards are nearly as worthy. I guess this is another Uninstall for me, but worth a try if you like tapping on your phone screen for hours engaging with AI and players that you can't scream at while maintaining your sanity.
  • Needs more people

    By Bluerobo123
    Not many people play this game, only like, 34 people are I the rankings and that ruins the challenge. This game is good but it needs more people. Why don’t you start ADVERTISING.
  • This game is so fun

    By dakidzodiac
    I love this game but I think I want a new Agent that’s name is Joshua and has cool power and a sickle.
  • Why so many changes?

    By Ennaburning
    The latest version changed what already worked. The cute white puffballs became brown ugly armadillo things, the strong sleek wolves became healing blue butterflies. Why? I understand changing the plant in the center of the map (although the new giant caterpillar thing is also ugly and perhaps too hardy) because plants didn’t have much of an impact. But why keep the plant at the bottom of the map then? The bottom is so far away from the rest of the action, shouldn’t *it* have the big baddie so people have more incentive to go there?
  • Game closes soon as I open it.

    By Silenthashassin
    Would love to see what this game is all about, love Square Enix and this looks cool. Unfortunately to no avail I can’t even get the game to run. Soon as I click to open it immediately closes. Every Single Time!! I’m giving this 1 star because here isn’t even a help or FAQ guide on how to fix this.
  • Please fix your matchmaking.

    By Harambe X
    I’m not sure if anyone will read this, but I really do enjoy this game. I used to play it daily but a recent problem I have had for the past two weeks was really poor matchmaking. For example, Normal Mode matches rarely have any human players in it. I’m usually just playing with/against A.I. which is really upsetting seeing how no one plays this game anymore. It’s even happening in Ranked Mode! I tried matchmaking this morning and I could not find a single match, because apparently there aren’t at least 6 people matchmaking in Ranked Mode at the same time. Please fix your matchmaking or try to attract more players, because if this keeps going on I don’t think Flame vs. Blaze will be as successful as I hope it to be.
  • Crashes Immediately

    By Shel2323231
    Every time I open the app it just crashes. I would like to try out the game atleast without it crashing.
  • I want to like it? 😭

    By Nonoderezzed
    The game doesn’t even open for me, it just flips my screen sideways and then crashes instantly. I mean, I’d be happy to fix my rating if the game worked but I guess until then nope.