Nesting Optimizer

Nesting Optimizer



Nesting Optimizer is 1 dimension and 2 dimensions cutting optimizer. Use to calculate cutting pattern for many kinds of material. For sample, steel bar, pipe, wood, plywood, metal sheet and etc. - User can define part and material size. - User can define blade size (losing material when cutting). - User can define material cost (use for calculate for part cost). - Cutting result with list of most cutting efficiency (can choose). - Cutting result with number of part and cost of part per piece. - Cutting plan with display controller for color and cutting steps (support both portrait and landscape display) - Share output with default iOS style (Save image, Message, Mail, Note, Facebook & etc.). - Save & Open all cutting job.



  • Did you fail third grade math?

    By dapottster
    I got this to help me with 1d cutting plans. It is the biggest waste of an app I could imagine. It only lets you input 1 part size and then does basic division to tell you how many parts fit on the piece your cutting. Really, who needs an app to tell them that they can fit 10 7” pieces on a 72” board? Unless you failed third grade math, DO NOT buy this app.
  • I want my money back

    By trinity alps
    This app is useless. It will only alow for one size. I wanted something that could find the least drop with multiple sizes with different counts. All this app does is take the length of your be cutting from and divid it by the length you want to cut. Completely useless