Battle Break - Multiplayer

Battle Break - Multiplayer

By Fuero Games Sp. z o.o.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-11-15
  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 147.83 MB
  • Developer: Fuero Games Sp. z o.o.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 3.5
From 518 Ratings


Go head-to-head in the best multiplayer battle game on your mobile - this is BATTLE BREAK! Join the battle to defeat your opponent: fire your shot to break your bricks and keep them away from your side of the board, or hit your opponent’s bricks to make them stronger and harder to clear. Don’t let the bricks reach your end, or it's game over! Aim for powerups to get more balls and do maximum damage. Pull off crazy trick shots to win the game - it’s a real-time battle for survival! Customize your game by unlocking new balls with stronger powers, and battle in different arenas for bigger prizes! FEATURES - Real-time online multiplayer action - Simple and addictive gameplay - Play against players from all over the world - Powerful balls to unlock - Collect all the avatars and customize your profile Stop playing solo while everyone else is playing against real opponents. Download it now and start battling!



  • Game appears to be RIGGED!

    By GrandmaSW
    I used to love this game but am about to delete it. I have worked myself up the ranks and have been able to buy the pricier BETTER balls that there was no way the starter ball could compete with ONLY NOW I get BEAT by the STARTER BALL! Also all depends on how the blocks line up and where the the point balls are placed. Game doesn’t seem to be consistent. Very frustrating!!!
  • annoying bugs

    By KamranR
    i really like this game but newly if the opponent is higher level so it give him better opportunity please fix this
  • Don’t invest a lot of time

    By Colonel Graff
    At my level there are not many competitors, so I usually play against their server. Now that I’m very close to having enough points for a powerful ball, suddenly the server is getting incredibly smart.It’s clear to me that the game is designed to let you get close to a good ball and then get much harder so you give in and spend lots of money getting those last few thousand points. Hey, they can do that if they want. So since the game is no longer fun, I’m done with it. And going forward I’m going to assume that all Fuero and Miniclip (both to play it safe) games with optional purchases are designed to cheat.
  • Can’t play with friends

    By Waneloisgreat
    Spent too much time trying to add friends from FB and trying to play with them. Please fix!
  • Rigged to pick a winner

    By amh468
    They really need to universalize the way shields and +’s are given out. You can tell when the game is helping you vs screwing you. They choose who the winner is going to be by continuously giving you or your opponent shields where it’s virtually impossible to overcome. I even feel guilty when I can tell it’s on my side and the other person has to be livid that they are about to lose 500k because it’s rigged.
  • Best free game.

    By Glass-bound
    I play this game daily. Like the quick game against another human. The levels all play different. The different attributes on the balls is clever. Glad you fixed all those bugs. Dislike the Facebook tie in. Don't want my name on there.
  • Eh

    By KRWLJ
    The game is ok as normal but when you don’t play for a day IT SENDS ME 4 NOTIFICATIONS ALL AT ONCE oh and also please fix that so you don’t have to sign in by Facebook I really want to change my picture but I can’t. Please please fix this

    By Rooster Krohkaleo
    *******[6th review] This game has finally worked out the kinks and gameplay is as it should be. Balls shoot faster so turns and gameplay goes faster. I haven’t experienced a glitch or cheat in a long time. The shield and minus targets add a great twist. My only wish now is that there were more arenas and things to earn/ spend my millions of earned coin on. Gets a little monotonous after you’ve conquered everything and have the best balls. Would be great to be able to view your opponent’s stats. Maybe the ability to buy more chat phrases or emojis? Trophies after winning each arena a certain number of times? The ability to change color scheme? *******[5th review] I wish there were more arenas or challenges. I don’t lose that often and I only play the star arena now. Just encountered a ridiculous cheater named Szardek. Played this person twice and both times they started out with 2 balls using the shield. I started with 6 using candy. On the second turn, he should have had 3 balls, but he all of a sudden had 14. And I should have had 8 balls and had only 1. Then on subsequent turns whatever balls I picked up he would suddenly have and I would only have one ball to throw until eventually my bricks reached the bottom. So he would have like 30 balls and I perpetually had 1. Boring. This game should be five stars but there is always something that takes the skill out of it which makes you lose unfairly. *******[4th review] Unbelievable cheating. There is a new glitch that has happened 8 times in the last 11 matches I’ve played. I’ll have my bottom 3-5 rows clear of all bricks, and my opponent is near their demise with bricks at the top row. Then, on what should be my last turn before they lose, the game glitches, shows a bunch of bricks with “0” as the number piled at my bottom edge, and I lose. It’s taken me from 2 million coins to 1.2 million. This is outrageous. I’ve worked my butt off to get to that level and the game is just continuously robbing me. It’s like I got too good so the devs have to make me lose so they can encourage me to spend money. THIEVES ******[3rd review] Game does not glitch nearly as often now. Much more enjoyable to play. I also worked my way up to afford some better balls, which make a world of difference. Having a lot of fun now because i can be competitive. Would like to see descriptions of each arena. Still haven’t figured out what the special star markers do in the Star Arena. Also would love more arenas. I’ve conquered Star and want a new challenge. And would be great to see your opponent’s stats like in Soccer Stars. Thanks devs! ****[2nd review] After miniclip responded below: STILL same cheating issues. I worked my way up to 9000 coin and lost 8000 on two consecutive matches, again where I was winning, and the first gave me two turns with about 5 sec on the timer before it made me lose my turn and therefore the blocks I could’ve easily blown up hit the bottom. Then on the next game my lowest blocks were 3 rows from the bottom and all of a sudden on my turn the game glitches and drops all my rows to the bottom with a ‘better luck next time’. Give me a break. This game IS a game of luck because you never know when it will actually work as it’s supposed to without cheating you out of money. Sorry Miniclip, your response and update are BS. *******[first review] The fun gets taken out of a pretty fun game. Lost 4 matches when I was winning handily, because the game froze after I shot. I paid for 10,000 coin, won a bunch and the game stole almost 9000 through freezes. Also, like another reviewer noted, people obviously cheat to figure out where to aim. At a certain level, there’s no way to compete. They get all the extra balls available and eliminate most of their blocks while running up all of yours. Boring. I want my money back and all the time I wasted building skill.
  • Good but has its flaws.

    By The eternal hack
    It’s a good game. But it could allow to earn points to get the cool stuff quicker. Maybe even balls that can take out multi blocks. But all and all it’s a good time waster when you have to wait in line or something like that.
  • New ball unavailable in the ball store?

    By Dragonface101
    I was playing battle break when I saw a weird ball that looked like a color wheel. Later I looked in the ball store and saw it was not there!! I am still trying to figure this out but other than that this game is awesome