Deaf Wake

Deaf Wake

By Steven Mifsud

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2017-03-31
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 6.31 MB
  • Developer: Steven Mifsud
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
Score: 3
From 170 Ratings


Taking the deaf world by storm and featured in the news, Deafwake was created by a deaf person and is designed to ensure everyone can get up when they’re supposed to. Removing the risk of sleeping in and being late for meetings, it allows deaf individuals or heavy sleepers to be on time, every time. Deaf Wake, an LED / Vibration / Visual based alarm app for people who are deaf, hearing Impaired or just want a really cool alarm clock. This deaf app will be your best friend as well as your worse enemy (if you don't like being woken up) It is designed to utilise all the senses of your iPhone. It has a flashing screen, it vibrates, it uses the camera flash and is loud. The app has hit all four corners of the globe, including the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, and Mexico. And with more than 1,000 downloads on the App Store, and over 500,000 Facebook users reached, the app has proven to be a huge hit with those who struggle daily with the realities of being deaf or hard of hearing. See video of app in action - ********************* The App has an easy interface where you can select the camera flash, have a flashing screen, have it vibrate or use sound. You may select one or two or even use all the senses of your iPhone. Not all senses may be appropriate for every scenario for an example during a work meeting you may not want the phone to rudely interrupt you by sound or vibration. A discreet flashing screen telling you that your child needs to be picked up from nursery may be more appropriate. ********************* Be Alert ///// Never be late again. Never burn the Sunday roast. Never miss meetings. All because you didn't hear the phone (or didn't feel it vibrating) Choose Your Senses ///// Choose the flashing screen. Just have the phone vibrate. Set the camera flash. Be alerted by sound. Or have all four turned on. Descriptive Alarms ///// Uniquely give each alarm setting a description. A description could be 'Make your partner a cup of tea to get out of the doghouse' Made By A Deaf Person ///// An app designed by a hearing impaired person with deaf people in mind (or just plain heavy sleepers) Apple Watch ///// The App is also designed to work with the Apple Watch. You can use the Apple Watch to also set your alarms as well as other features. Choose Clock Interfaces ///// Choose from a selection of two clock faces. Simply swipe left or right. You may prefer an easier analogue clock. ********************* No longer do you have to put the phone under your pillow or in your pocket in order to (hopefully) be woken up. At night put the iPhone at the side of the bed and let it flash to wake you up (using the flashing screen and camera flash). Put the iPhone on the kitchen table whilst chopping carrots to remind you to take the roast out of the oven. Settle down, watch a movie and let the App tell you when its time to go to bed. ********************* As a long life deaf person I have been frustrated with the lack of innovation designed for deaf people in technology. One problem I have had is a suitable alarm clock or timer that appropriately notifies me. This App was born out of frustration and was initially just developed for my own personal use. Steven Mifsud DeafWake Designer ********************* FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK - What are you waiting for! Get this superb app today For less than a price of coffee, download this App today and be amazed! Tell your friends and family, please do be sure to leave a review on the Apple AppStore. NOTE - App must be running. Set the alarm and put the phone facedown (so screen goes black), upright or in your pocket etc. Don't turn phone off via the switch or home button as it is not possible to bypass the notification system when the iPhone is locked. This is the same for ALL Apps and other alarm clocks. *********************



  • No longer supported or updated

    By Fangdynasty
    Evening alarms work but anything set for the mornings don’t work
  • Vibration Doesn’t Work!!!!

    By Brandy.1982
    I paid $1.29 for a stupid strobe light and church bell! I’m suing! EFFERS!!!
  • Lies! Lies! Lies

    By leanittotheleftpie
    I want my money back for this bs!!! Why is it listed that you can use just the vibrate, but no, it comes with lights and bells, and all kinds of noise. No way to just vibrate which is why I bought it. Maybe the moron who designed this can finish it and make it work. Would give 0 stars if I could🤣
  • Deaf Wake not so great. ☹️

    By Gamimiga
    I had high hopes for this app. I am not deaf....but was in a hotel room with my husband, trying to get up before him without waking him up and lamenting the fact that the iPhone alarm has no “vibrate only” feature. So I downloaded this app. It should be simple but has some really goofy features with no explanation or help screen. On the main page in a giant font are the first two digits of what appears to be a 24 hour clock. Just the first two digits followed by two dashes. No way to change just is there. You can swipe to an analog clock, which I discovered was inexplicably two and a half hours behind real time! This made me doubt if the alarm would even go off at the correct time! Finally shut down my phone and restarted it and the analog clock at last showed the correct time! I figured out how to get a “vibrate only” alarm and it did work. Then I thought I would play with it a bit to get more familiar with it. Whatever you do, don’t press the question mark on the first screen! It freezes the whole app! Did it twice and had to restart my phone both times!! All in all, a good idea with terrible execution.
  • So far, no good

    By MLWW
    This app does exactly what I want—but only when my phone is unlocked and in my hands. Obviously this defeats the purpose of setting a reminder alarm on your phone. Could be user error, but nothing I’ve done in the app Settings or the iPhone settings so far has made a difference.
  • Not Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Stardust~Macy~Milo
    No light flashing or vibration. It is not working. Please refund my money back. Thanks.
  • Frustrating

    By I Hate Advertising
    I can get the alarm to work if upright with the app being the active one screen not locked. I found that even with my phone on its charger it was down to 43 percent come morning. Not a good way to start a long day. I have a excellent battery. This is the only app that seems to do this I even greatly dimmed the display Face down the screen does not lock but auto lock does and then it does not work. The native alarm awakes from a locked screen just fine.
  • Doesn't work as advertised

    By reviewershan
    Vibrating feature doesn't work. And, since the app only functions facedown, what is the point of the flashing screen? It's not visible. Also, not user friendly or intuitive. Can I get a refund?
  • Don’t waste your money

    By ElbyChan
    This app does not work, alarms do not flash nor vibrate
  • I’m deaf!

    By Zappa409
    Even with my hearing aids in and the iPhone 7 volume maxed out, I could not hear the alarm part. The app support site is a Go Daddy site you have t figure out what to do! Confusing. Like toys in machine. You pay and win a good one you pay and loose your money!