Let Them Come

Let Them Come

By Versus Evil

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-01-08
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 521.02 MB
  • Developer: Versus Evil
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 3.5
From 73 Ratings


Mow down waves of alien scum in this pixel style survival mode shooter. You are mercenary gun for hire, Rock Guner, sent on a mission by Infini Corp to take down the alien hordes on a spaceship. As wave after wave of progressively harder enemies ascend on you, will you be able to react fast enough, have the right fire power and the sheer grit and determination it will take to survive? LOADUP YOUR ARSENAL - Upgrade and customize your loadout with the money you earn, as you learn from your mistakes. Work out how to take down the hordes taking advantage of FRENZY mode to deal the most damage with helpful bonuses! UNRELENTING ONSLAUGHT - Combat an endless stream of diverse alien enemies with cunning attack mechanics and face grim odds against terrifying boss creatures in the ultimate level showdown! ONLINE LEADERBOARDS – Show off your shooter prowess and boast with friends as you climb to the top of the ladder and become the best of the best! DEATH BY METAL – Unlock and collect new mixtapes as you progress.



  • Great idea,poorly executed.

    By Blastoidz
    Game has the potential to be incredible but the gameplay needs a rework. The grind to get upgrades just for them to feel so useless, you feel like you just wasted your time playing. On top of that the upgrades to the gun itself are so poorly thought out it will leave you dumbfounded. For instance you upgrade the fire rate of your machine gun which by doing so increases the rate it produces heat. But then that requires you to upgrade the cooling system, which does nothing. The game itself punishes you for upgrading the fire rate that by the 3rd upgrade for the fire rate and cooling it overheats within seconds. So by the 3rd level your gun just overheats rapidly and not upgrading it will just leave you overwhelmed and game over. Now the worst part is how it handles bullets you need to buy each round individually for each special round such as Armor piercing and explosive rounds even grenades. The game requires you to use a ridiculous amount of upgrade points to buy 1 round for those special bullets instead of just making them permanent and letting you just obliterate aliens. But no the game pretty much just prefers you to grind for everything even bullets. I would highly recommend waiting this one out till some future update actually makes this fun. But until then, avoid otherwise.
  • Horrible game

    By Lloyd suh
    Waste of frekin money. I paid 2 dollars for this crap?!?!!! The controls are difficult and it’s boring
  • Meh.

    By Alexius6th
    This game is ok I guess. It certainly has its moments, but the game suffers from not allowing the player to replay previous missions and waves. Also I’ve found the controls (even the menu controls) to be very counter-intuitive. I just feel like this game could have been a lot more fun if it weren’t so limited.
  • Let them come

    By Ramman347
    To small. To dark. Up n down aim and trigger. Have fun. Refund please.
  • Fix the crash

    By Bad games.....
    Crashes on level 2 boss after you beat the octopus
  • Great Job, but...

    By Zkxjwhdkshbakxo
    This is a wonderful game, well worth the money. Exactly what I’d expect from something of this genre, and the gameplay is well driven. Here’s the but... The problem is, the game needs more upgrades, and the menu that shows new notes and whatnot needs to be calibrated. Aside from that, the game is excellent, the art style and fighting is great. It just needs to be updated.
  • Great game. But.

    By 4F4469A3B
    I love the game. Really quick but hard and I love the ability to fight the bosses again. Having a massive problem with the “intel” redownloaded the game twice and I can’t read the intel at all. It just bugs back and forth and won’t let me read anything. It’s annoying me so much I’m actually getting angry because I want the small story.
  • Fun, intense shooter

    By Br0kenNick
    This game is a lot of fun and really feels like a game I would love to play at the arcade (if one still existed in my area). The music adds to the intensity as well. Honestly the main feature I wish this app had was mfi controller support, that way I wouldn't have to worry about my thumbs blocking the screen and could focus on the horde of monsters.
  • Terrible

    By Justin A taylor
    One of the worst games on the App Store! Played for 30 mins and the only fun I had was deleting the app.
  • Half and half

    By Alla Akbar (not the real)
    This game has such great potential but 10 minutes in I can already obtain end game items and I feel like they really didn’t want to make the game have purchases but that would have been a LEGENDARY opportunity to add infinite annoying for 1-5 dollars cause it would make the game a lot easier because with the ammo it’s a trade off because only using upgraded ammo limits the money you get but also sometimes you don’t make as much as you spend which is why I dislike the idea of not having this paid feature and plus some of the weapon upgrades like charge shot and cluster shot are underpowered... Thank you for your time!