Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

By Epic Action LLC

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  • Release Date: 2017-06-28
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  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 179.96 MB
  • Developer: Epic Action LLC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4
From 40,670 Ratings


Rally your troops, deploy your traps, and prepare for the largest battle the Realm has ever seen. Lead your forces to victory and dominate the Realm in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile MMO experience that delivers massive warfare and thrilling adventures on your device. The possibilities are endless in the Realm. Want to ride a Chocobo to scout an enemy Empire? How about fighting Monsters and raiding their lairs for rare loot? Explore a vast world bursting with content as you build, upgrade, and fight your way to glory. Infantry, mages, cavalry, and siege units are yours to command and level-up. Put your army to the test by fighting alongside your Guild — and even competing in colossal Realm-vs-Realm events! In addition to defeating foes, you can enjoy countless features, including: - Unlock new playable Heroes like Lunafreya, Gladiolus, and Ignis - Build your very own Empire and set powerful Traps to halt your enemies - Craft weapons and armor for your Hero, from Gladiolus’ Hardedge to Aranea Highwind’s signature lance. - Battle Monsters and scavenge their lairs to uncover rare loot. - Chat with players from around the globe, receiving real-time translations in your language Be bold or be destroyed. Summon your strength in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:



  • False Advertising

    By Ms. CJH
    Pack is advertised at BOGO $49.99. I bought 2 yesterday and my second one was not free. I email support and they tell me they "meant" for it to say Buy one at $99.99 get one 50% off. So since I got the packs for cheaper than they "meant" for me to, they can't help me. I responded that if a company makes an advertising error, the burden falls on the company, not the customer. They refuse to honor it even though I have a screenshot of it. AND they haven't bothered to fix it. The ad is still there! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Every feature that comes out cost money. You will never get anywhere unless you spend thousands of dollars or if you have nice guild mates who are willing to gift you what you need. Save your money and do not download this game.
  • Fix the game

    By goddessscat
    This game could be awesome and fun to play if you really had the monsters that you talk about. I have been playing for a week and have not found one and have already reported this. Fix your game or I am quitting. I also won’t be surprised if more quit the game too.
  • Game is terrible now with new roll out. Don’t play.

    By F-16C A-10C Crew Chief
    Since the Dark Empire has come out the game continually has play issues with severe lag even with high speed WiFi and Enternet. Also you cannot complete events for resources since you cannot get what you need or you get it too late. Money players are consistently rude and disrespectful and do a lot of bullying in the game. The developers support this bad conduct. A lot of sexual harassment and racist comments with a lot of foul language. Needs to be a Rated R game.
  • Review of The Real Cost - Revised

    By Soliton -
    7/13/2019 - The last 2 packs did not have all the items. 3 other items were not functional. I tried to get a refund & i was denied. Absolutely nothing in the app is $1.99 - don’t be fooled This review is for anyone wants to start playing this game want to know the Real Cost of this game. This is not like the previous series of Final Fantasy. This game is Not Free. You have to pay to grow your empire or others will destroy you. Costs: First Pack: $4.99 Second Pack: $19.99 Third Pack & Subsequent others: $99.99 I have been playing this game for nearly 2 years. So i have experienced the beginning and now almost the end. I am at Citadel 141. The weapons, the troop types and abilities become obsolete or useless in approximately every 10 days. In order to compete, you will have to buy multiple packs per month. If you are ready to spend between $400 to $600 each month, you will enjoy the game for short periods of time. Because everyone will use their shields if they have enough, you cannot attack them. Therefore the game becomes extremely boring monotonous. Yes, you are wondering why i played this game for so long? I did it because of my friends playing & having the social benefits. I waited to write this review so I can provide useful information for players that want to start playing. I hope this is useful. Do Not Play this game please. It is not the same as the previous series. Thank You

    By J. 3. W
    First off let me say packs for this game cost 50$-100$. So the developers can up and decide to not give you what you pay for I guess. Bought an instant ma dark pack 2 weeks ago. It didn’t work. They are basically ignoring me now. Terrible support for this game. They lay out loot boxes that are broke and yet they still sell them. Such a good game ran by false advertising CHILDREN sadly
  • Could have been a great game

    By xshockwavex
    This was fun the first year, even if the unlimited credit card members terrorized everyone who was still trying to level up. Which btw, the devs made it as difficult as possible to do this, unless you paid them $99 per pack. After a year they introduced the dark world which pretty much if you paid anything before then it no longer mattered now, so everyone was basically at the same level. By then a lot of players had left the game. Then 2 months later they start throwing as much new content as possible which was only obtainable via paying. Then again they leveled everyone to the same level with these ideas. So all the money you spent on this game Was worthless. I’ve quit since this update and so have many. Don’t waste your time on this game.
  • Stress inducing, Money Sucker

    By ChaosCerberus
    This game is the definition of “Pay to Win”. If you want to do anything in this game like build your army or upgrade your buildings you better be willing to spend $200 or more a day. If you want to join a clan you’ll need more money cause they don’t like no wimps who can’t protect themselves. The stress part is the game is always going. You can’t even go to sleep without someone who spends $1000 a day attacking you while your not awake, then too wake up to disappointment and rage it will drive you insane.
  • Not Fun, Cash Cows

    By Top Banana Pete@
    It’s a war game, so you will get bullied, but it will not be fun or worth playing unless you can afford to keep up with those who spend thousands per week. you cant keep up unless you’re rich.
  • Ridiculous

    By darcangelsux
    Game is geared towards rich people required to spend a minimum of $1000 a week to barely keep up. New enhancements every other day. Big waste of time unless you’re very wealthy
  • Don’t worth it

    By 1990azerturk
    Don’t play unless you get ready to spend a LOTS of money$ over a phone game! you need to buy packs for unlock buildings, heroes,... (it’s not good for free or few bucks$ playing). Supporting team is not good either, I usually don’t consider buying until I’m 100% sure that supporting team is good . I’m playing this game for about 2 months and I sent them an email with an issue that I have for my account but they didn’t answer for days.. !