Trala: Learn Violin

Trala: Learn Violin

By Trala, Inc.

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2017-01-24
  • Current Version: 3.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 166.68 MB
  • Developer: Trala, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4
From 396 Ratings


Trala is the most effective way to learn the violin. Play your first song in 10 minutes, or accelerate your current practice to new levels. Trala is the only app that can actually listen while you play violin and give real-time feedback! Read what users and music teachers are saying about Trala: “My ten-year-old just inherited a used violin. He played Hot Cross Buns after learning two basic notes and that inspired a confidence to continue on with this lessons. A brilliant app for violin players.” — MillaP226 (Trala subscriber) “This app makes it much easier for me to practice now that I can actually hear what I’m about to play and get live feedback. The daily reminders help me stay dedicated. I told all my violin friends in orchestra to download this app.” — MarySol711 (Trala subscriber) “I wanted to play violin my whole life, but could never afford the time. The exercises give me feedback on what mistakes I’m making and it’s really easy to understand. I can’t imagine learning violin without Trala.” — Ignaz Semmelweis (Trala subscriber) "Trala is the practice app of the future. Instant feedback, positive reinforcement - everything a teacher needs for that period in-between lessons." — Helen Callus (Professor at The Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University) ---------------------------- Trala helps violinists at every skill level, from picking up your first violin to improving your technique and broadening your musical repertoire. Trala also makes a great supplement to private violin music lessons or orchestral rehearsals by making more efficient use of valuable practice time. VIOLIN FOR BEGINNERS - Watch video tutorials from renowned violinists that will teach you the essential skills for mastering the violin - Get immediate feedback on your form, pitch, tone, intonation, melody and rhythm with Trala’s proprietary real-time audio processing technology - Learn how to read sheet music and tune your violin with the Trala violin tuner - Live chat with a trained instructor anytime you have a question about any violin lesson VIOLIN FOR INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS & ADVANCED PLAYERS - Strengthen your tone quality, dynamics, and vibrato - Incorporate new rhythms and notes into your playing by learning new songs across a variety of genres - Practice advanced violin scales and etudes - Master tricky passages in advanced pieces from a library of 300+ concertos, symphonies and etudes Have questions about practicing? Chat live with a real teacher who can answer all of your questions. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS - Trala requires a $119.99 annual subscription after a 7-day free trial. - The subscription is auto-renewing. Payment will be charged at the time of purchase and will auto-renew until you unsubscribe. - Unsubscribe via the Account Settings page at least 24 hours in advance to avoid paying for the next cycle. - You will be charged the full subscription amount up to 24 hours before the renewal date. - Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription. - Cancellations take effect at the end of the current subscription period. Read about our terms and privacy policy here: Love Trala? Follow us: Questions? Reach out to us at




    By Ana Genesissss
    I just bought a Violin last week, and within a week I’ve learned sooo much and it makes me so happy because I thought I couldn’t do it ! This app is so helpful!
  • Amazing

    By Cool as a cheetah
    I wanted to start a new hobby so I decided to take up violin. After the money I spent on the violin I didnt have any for lessons so I saw this and downloaded it. If you have used duolingo at any point the setup is like that. Helped me so much.
  • Amazing app! Gonna be a pro in no time!

    By Scooter1290
    This app is incredibly innovative and I am only on day two and hooked. I really feel like i can become a pro at the violin with the help of this app. It has an amazing tuner feature which keeps track of your tuning when learning the movements (it will tell you if it sounds flat). No ads, no gimmicks. I love it.
  • 4.5/5 stars

    By Scarlett <3
    I’m really impressed with this app! It has fast and accurate pitch recognition/feedback and I’m pleasantly surprised by how smoothly it tracks your playing throughout a piece. I have almost no issues with it except when I play notes very quickly. This is a mild annoyance, but I’m not too upset considering how difficult real-time pitch feedback probably is. I suspect the issues people have with pitch recognition are related to 1) the mic on their phones/iPads, 2) background noises from their environment, or 3) simply playing out of tune. I’m also very happy with the wide selection of pieces and the ability to add your own pieces. In summary, I decided to purchase a subscription mainly for 1) the pitch feedback, 2) the wide selection of pieces available, and 3) the ability to add pieces to the library. I think as long as the app continues to improve and expand its features, the subscription is worthwhile. A few features I wish the app had: - A way to add fingerings and bowing annotations, as well as prewritten fingerings/bowing (with the option to revise) - Dynamics annotations - Graded repertoire (or difficulty levels for each piece) - An easier way to navigate and select portions of pieces, especially for the longer pieces - A way to skip ahead in lessons (I basically don’t use the lessons because it starts too basic and I can’t skip ahead) - Statistics to track progress, such as how long/often you practice, practicing streaks, history of pieces you’ve played and how much time you’ve spent on each piece, progress charts/graphs (such as for overall pitch, pitch in specific pieces, etc) - Achievements and levels - A community aspect, perhaps with achievement or level rankings or some kind of social incentive to make progress
  • Self taught...

    By Cassifish
    Self taught on 2 other instruments and violin is like nothing I’ve tackled before. I was floundering and struggling and hated practicing because I was completely out of my element. Day 2 of the 7 day trial and I’m sold! Definitely doing the full year after this! Gets the feedback I need immediately on my schedule!
  • ❤️

    By nonyyifn
  • Good app for intonation practice

    By Fledgling Fiddler
    This is a great tool for practicing intonation. It is interactive and provides instant feedback. It even records your own playing and allows you to listen to your progress. I wish it had 2 modes: the one it currently offers where it stops you at every wrong pitch, and another where it flags an incorrect pitch but allows you to continue the piece to the end. So far, this has not been a good tool for timing and rhythm. Having to stop and correct inaccurate pitch completely breaks the rhythm of a piece. There needs to be a rhythm and timing practice feature added where tempo can be isolated and practiced independently. I would also like to be able to alter the speed at which the selected phrases are presented—I find some much too slow. I would also like to be able to see and print an entire song. The phrase by phrase approach does not allow the student to grasp a tune in its entirety. All in all, though, a very useful and well thought out tool for what it does. I recommend it highly for developing good intonation.

    By JEstelleG
    I have never played the violin before and practically know nothing about the violin and this app has me playing songs in less than 3 weeks!! Very easy to use and very clear instructions. Would recommend over and over.
  • This is an excellent app.

    By Gamblohr
    I have been playing guitar my whole life. But I’ve always wanted to try something new. I’m in the military and stationed in a rather remote location in the United States. When a friend sold me his violin for cheap, I was looking everywhere for lessons. I even took out an add for an instructor on Craigslist, with no avail. I found Trala in the App Store and tried their 5 days free. It’s perfect for me. I can practice with it at any time. I don’t have travel for lessons, which I was prepared to do; and I’m paying a fraction of what I was willing to pay for lessons. I’d suggest trying the 5 day trial. Keep in mind, learning an instrument takes self-discipline. If you couple that with this app, you can’t go wrong.
  • I wouldn’t let me in

    By drop that mic
    I kept trying and trying the only thing I could do was pay