Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Ultimate Ninja Blazing

By BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Score: 4.5
From 11,573 Ratings


Test your ninja battle tactics in the latest NARUTO SHIPPUDEN game! Take part in Shinobi Formation Battles and battle online with all of your friends. Experience the original story from the popular anime in the first-ever mobile game from the NARUTO Ultimate Ninja series! NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing is the ultimate fighting RPG game featuring the all-new Shinobi Formation Battle system: a strategic RPG fighting system with intuitive controls that unleash exhilarating combination attacks with your allies while avoiding group hits from the enemy. Master team field skills, discover new fighting tactics and become the next Hokage in this first-ever mobile game in the Ultimate Ninja series! Create Your Very Own Ninja Team! • Form your very own ninja team with over 100 of your favorite NARUTO heroes, each with their own unique attacks and skills! • Use special team moves together on the frontiers of battle for massive damage! Play Through the Storyline from the Beloved Anime! • Relive NARUTO’s classic missions from the original series! • Relive popular scenes from the Anime, re-created for an unforgettable RPG experience! Unleash Ninjutsu and Secret Fighting Techniques! • Master a huge range of ninjutsu, from powerful offensive attacks to ninjutsu that can seal an enemy's movements! • Some characters also possess even more powerful secret fighting techniques! • Unleash combination attacks with the Shinobi Formation Battle system! • Use Field Skills with special characters to turn the tide of battle! Strategize and Strike at the Right Moment! • Create battle strategies based on the position of your teammates with Shinobi Formation Battle • Avoid group hits and to unleash special team maneuvers! Battle with Other Ninjas Around the World! • Take the fight online and ally yourself with other players in various missions! • Play missions with up to 3 people in multiplayer! Challenge Other Players in Phantom Castle Mode! • Top the online leaderboards in monthly Phantom Castle events! • Battle against other players for the most points and see who has the better fighting tactics! • Take down a multitude of enemies that await you as you climb the Phantom Castle! BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Website: http://bandainamcoent.co.jp/english/ By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Terms of Service. Terms of Service: http://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/terms Privacy Policy: http://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/privacy Note: This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213 for more details. Note About "Family Sharing": This application currently does not support the "Ask to Buy" feature included with Family Sharing. As a result, using this feature to make an in-app purchase on a device with Family Sharing enabled may result in an error. We ask that you do not use the "Ask to Buy" feature when purchasing items until we have updated our application to support this feature. This application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder.



  • PVP is dead

    By Jimmy Deans Biscuits
    Single player is fine. PVP is garbage. It’s a game built on luck with the illusion of strategy and skill. There is no creativity or fun in choosing your team because you have to pick the same crap as everybody else or get dunked on. It's the developers fault for making 99% of the characters in the game useless. If at least 4 of your characters aren’t blazing bash, then don’t even play. It’s just a big disappointment. With every new blazing bash character it makes the game less enjoyable and ridicules. The fact that you can use multiple copies of the same character on a team is stupid. It’s obvious the developers did this on purpose. It’s just a big money grab to get people to keep spending money on gambling for characters. They killed this game mode in less then a year.
  • 👍

    By Jacobdaboss18
    One word, AWESOME
  • Host intentionally ending the mission by disconnecting wifi/data

    @Naruto Blazing devs, as a regular player, I see more often players such as host trolls or just disconnecting at the midway & before the mission ends during raid missions occurring at the highest at the moment. Players are abusing it according to their will. It causes more griefing & waste of our time. I suggest addressing this in the upcoming update. Multiplayer isn't that friendly anymore & top of that, newbies are just spamming marking, I prefer to be disabled by the providing the option. Lastly, the consumption of battery life is high from this app.
  • Amazing app but horrible pull rates!!!

    By Ninja0083
    !!!!!! Don't spend a dollar!!!!!! This game is amazing and has awesome game play..... It's biggest down fall is the pull rate of true 5 Star characters. Total scam and bullsh@t!!!!
  • yusets review

    By hi y'all how u doun
    this game is my life i honestly love it like geez this game is the best
  • Really fun game

    By SageofSixkegs
    If you watched the anime, you’re only going to love the game even more. Let’s just get one thing out of the way, yes it’s “pay” to win. Or is it? Just like hearthstone, or any other with micro transactions in it. But the thing is It will only get you so far in pvp that is, but it’s not like you keep paying and you’re getting even more powerful. The really good thing is that you get pearls which is the currency used to get units fairly easy. Up to 250 a month which is the equivalent to about $100 and yes I’ll say it again for free. There are updates everyday, maintenance every week and new content after each maintenance period. I’ve been playing since beta and the game is only getting better and better.
  • big

    By Frickin Young Metro
    games gr8. really reflects the characters strength and health and has a playable round based multiplayer.
  • Was great until...

    By godofwarhz
    It was a great game but after updating it, I cannot find some of my units, they exist and it says they exist in how many characters i have but I no longer see them in character selection. Please fix this bug because I can’t upgrade or reassign the units anymore, which is very annoying for ninja world clash
  • Bleh.

    By Ralkor
    Multiplayer is horrible in that it is too easy for people who don’t have good units or know how to play to get your whole team wiped. Game mechanics are severely lacking. You can’t really do any damage without taking more of a beating than you dish out. Too frustrating to be fun in my opinion.
  • Awesome help and response time.

    By Ragman2931
    I have been having trouble getting the game to work lately, so I finally gave up and contacted their support. They were able to help me get the problem sorted out and on top of that, in a very short amount of time. Fun app and good tech support. Stay awesome.