Board Kings™

Board Kings™

By Jelly Button Games LTD

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-08
  • Current Version: 2.25.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 166.38 MB
  • Developer: Jelly Button Games LTD
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 7.0
Score: 4.5
From 28,004 Ratings


Hello and welcome to Board Kings! Board Kings is a new exciting and hilarious multiplayer board game brought to you by Jelly Button, the creators of Pirate Kings. Board Kings combines features from classic board games everyone knows and loves with epic social perks and hysterically funny graphics. NOW INTRODUCING...BUNNY ALBUMS! Our new Bunny Albums bring you a new way to WIN BIG! Collect wonderful stickers as you roll through your board to fill up your Bunny Albums. Each album tells a story. Collect all stickers to reveal the complete story and win huge prizes and bonuses! Roll your Dice & Build Landmarks Meet your first board – it’s empty - for now. Roll your dice and move your idol piece around the board. Collect coins and build landmarks for your bunnies and make your board city shine! Win extra prizes like coins, gems, and extra dice rolls when you land on one of our special tiles and collect a free boost card! Build buildings and place landmarks on your board to boost your bunny residents’ happiness to level up. Visit Other Boards and Do Some Damage! Playing classic board games is always nice - but the real Board Kings fun begins when your idol piece lands on the train tile *evil laugh*. Visit your friends' boards, destroy and conquer their buildings and take control over their landmarks. Steal their coins and wreak havoc - Just make sure not to get caught by the cops! Defend your Board If you're visiting and destroying other boards, you can count on other players trying to invade yours. Place police cars across your tiles, keep your eyes open, and chase vicious intruders away. The better you defend your board, the easier you can build it up and make your bunnies happy. Other Boards and Themes Await! As you progress in this board game and make your bunny residents happy, collect the pieces of the golden trail to progress to bigger and better boards! The more you progress, the nicer and better equipped your board is. The Board Kings world has 18 boards waiting for you and our bunnies are working to create more at this very moment! Become the Board King, now! This board game is free-to-play, but you can also purchase additional items. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Any Suggestions or new ideas? Experiencing any problems? We love our players! You can reach out to our support team from inside the game! Your board awaits!




    By KaiNeBee
    I wrote a review complaining about my package i paid for and did not receive. Even took the steps i was guided to take and STILL have not heard anything from anyone about getting me what i paid for. I love the game but when you start messing with my money is when we have a problem.
  • Woohooo

    By Fav. Site!!!
    I just began. I love this game! I am having a blast.
  • Fun

    By I ❤️🐧
    Fun to play make a board kings 2! That would be epic I really love ❤️ this game!
  • Great game but

    By Si0pao
    So I'm a daily player and I love this game...I've purchased some packages as well to support the developers. I wish they would limit the down time or at least speed up the rate of rolls per hour. I end up waiting like 12 hours to refill my rolls completely so I can play at once..I would definitely play more if there were rolls available. I would like to see side games as well to pass during roll regeneration.
  • Terrible.

    By gdhdhdhdjsiisgvhzjkx
    Gimme money.
  • Love Game but questionable ethics

    By Kupjonesasj
    This game is quite addicting and fun to play. However, my daughter and I both play and are Buddies in the game. We have noticed that whenever one of us lands on the Coin King and we steal from each other that there is a large difference in the amount that the stealer actually receives and the amount that one stolen from gets taken from their account. This has happened on several different occasions. The last time, it showed my daughter that she stole $90K from me and her balance reflected that amount; however, my News Feed showed that she had stolen $214K from me and my balance reflected that amount. A difference of $124K. I have brought this to App Support’s attention. Their first response was that it was a caching issue, which it isn’t. Hopefully App Support understands how serious this problem is and fixes it, because I really enjoy playing the game and I will not be making any more In-App purchases until they get this issue fixed.
  • Fun game, some glitches

    By MissMomofFour
    Such an addicting game! I downloaded it so my son could have a friend on it, we ended up having all of my kids get the game and a lot of their friends because it’s so addictive. The game has levels/game boards that you level up through by eating coins and gems, then purchasing/upgrading buildings. There are a lot of events which makes the game so addictive! However, there have been times, yes multiple times, when I have bought/paid real money for a upgrade and ended up not receiving it or being able to use what I thought was purchased. That’s very frustrating!! 4.99 down the drain. I wish that if there were stipulations on a purchase there would be a warning before purchasing Ex: must use within “x” amount of time. I’ve also had it glitch when I’m not spending real money but coins,gems, and more recently cards for their Christmas event that I’ve acquired during the game and not revived them. Otherwise it’s a fun game!! Revised...for some reason I keep playing this game daily! For heavens sake why is it so addicting? Anyhow I’m a little disappointed in the aspect that as you level up the Events get harder to finish as well! I understand that the boards should get harder and not expensive to upgrade, I mean you earn more money as you go around the board as well, however these events like “Demons Den” is ridiculous to get through. I’m level 51 and I finally got to the fist chest, then going to the second chest I’m not even half way there and I’ve counted more than 300 steps ! My daughter started to play it and she’s level 13 And already passed the second chest after 57 steps! Seriously that’s crazy! On top of the the shop offers should be the same across the board again mine are way more expensive than hers! So basically as you level up you get screwed! Who’s going to want to continue play this game? I don’t mind that people steal my coins and trash my buildings, that’s part of the game. But when it comes to the events they should be a little more across the board fair! Heavily addicted to this game and heavily disappointed in the Events fairness! So basically, don’t level up if you want to play the events and have a chance to win them! Otherwise you’ll be having to spend big $$ real $$ on getting it done!
  • Deceiving Snakes

    By KimberlyB48
    ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! This game is unbelievably ridiculous!’s fun & all, but they allow other users to STEAL $100,000,000 from you that took you DAYS to get JUST to upgrade ONE BUILDING (once your on higher levels). This should be changed immediately! But NOOOOOOO, they want you to get upset so you’ll spend more money to get that coin back & upgrade buildings. And once you’re on the LAST BOARD...that’s all you’re doing is upgrading buildings on the SAME BORING board that you’ve been on for months. There’s A TON of games I play that are VERY FAIR, but this is NOT one of them! I will NEVER EVER give them anymore of my REAL MONEY to continue playing this pointless game. Change some of your guidelines & STOP USING FAKE ACCOUNTS set-up by people within your company to play & end up on leader boards to win prizes that you’re taking away from other REAL PLAYERS!!!! What a joke!
  • Less building upgrades per board

    By Esskfoaovieanckifjw
    I love this this game and am very far in the boards! So I have switched many many times, and my recommendation is to please have board with no more than 4 of the most expensive buildings and never a section with 7! It really detracts from the game in my opinion to stay on one board for an excessively long amount of time which makes you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere (even when you are spending real money on rolls!!) and to add, it’s taken me weeks before to move boards when there haven’t been opportunities to go above 3 rolls at a time because you just can’t bulk up enough money on the higher levels! So yeah just a suggestion :)
  • Review

    By cam.el
    This game was super fun until today when I opened the app, all of my progress was gone and I was started with a completely new board. Will be deleting the app because it takes a lot of work to get back to where I was