• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-09-13
  • Current Version: 2.1.19
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 88.94 MB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 3
From 334 Ratings


--------------------------------------------- [Spec Requirements] ・The following iOS devices with iOS 8.0 or above installed - iPhone5s (7th generation iPhone) or later - iPad Air (5th generation iPad) or later - iPad mini2 (2nd generation iPad mini) or later ・Required storage space: 1G or more --------------------------------------------- On the 30 (+1)-year anniversary of its original release, King’s Knight is reborn! Witness the evolution of the classic wall-smashing adventure! [Story] 6th Moon of the Luvan Year 320 Princess Claire of Olthea is abducted by the Dark Dragon Tolfidan. Meanwhile in Olthea, four brave souls receive the blessing of the time god Khalam, and embark on a quest to rescue the captured princess. After numerous trials and tribulations, the four heroes arrive at the gates of Tolfidan's stronghold... [Game Details] -New battle system Enemies and traps abound on a vertically scrolling stage. Take down giant enemy bosses part by part! Unleash a powerful King's Might attack to obliterate your foes! -Multiplayer mode with up to 4 players Test the limits of player unity and strategy in co-op mode! When the four heroes line up in formation, inconceivable power shall descend from the sky. -An army of allies and comrades! Over 50 new characters appear in this all new epic adventure set in the mythical kingdom of Olthea. -Switchable control schemes Switch between classic virtual controls using two hands (left for movement, right for action) and one-handed controls optimized for smartphone play.



  • add facebook save data plz!

    By kenshin997
    add facebook save data so i can save my game to transfer to another device
  • Get in while you can

    By swordzman0611
    For a straight vertical shooter, this was a great pick-n-play game with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it falls victim to the free-to-play curse — that is, it almost NEEDED you to buy into the content to be any better than what it was. Still, if you manage to pull a unit and a weapon with each of six elements, you almost breeze through. Although Square Enix has a highly successful history with games of this type, It has thus far failed to produce a free to play game with lasting appeal on its own infrastructure. For this reason, management tasks are best left to third parties. With that said, I can only hope the company still looks at these reviews and takes them to heart. If you’re going to make a game in a similar vein, make the purchases worth the cost. If there should be a renaissance of this format, make it compelling. Offer some actual challenge. Make them come for Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, but have them stay for well-hidden gems.
  • Very tragic turn of events :(

    By Izzytehpwnr
    I absolutely enjoyed this game. Sure it wasnt perfect, but once you figure out how to play, its quite an enjoyable grind. But thats all over now... termination of service. I actually feel sick in my stomach to see kings knight end. Rest in peice ray jack. You were an honorable knight.
  • Avoid this game!

    By Sanaithaus
    I saw this as an option for in-game rewards from Bit Heroes and jumped at the opportunity as I’be been a FF fan for years. However the game was very hard to navigate, had poor controls, and just badly designed to boot. And I leveled up to Rank 10 over 2 weeks as well, so I gave it a chance. And to boot, they didn’t honor their offer for in-game rewards either. So they are dishonest to boot. I wasted far too much time on this game and advise everyone to avoid it.
  • One of the best game I have ever played please don’t close it down

    By Flareraptor
    This game got a very good story and game play, but I like this game because it was something different , and it’s events are amazing. I alway love to collect the new heroes and weapons and just make a good and powerful team from them. I was also amaze by the amount of work they put in this game and made it this great, soI was very sad when I heard the game will close down later in 2018. I will try to enjoy everyday playing this game, but I do hope that they decide to keep the game running.
  • Awesome, but needs something

    By Wceii
    The gameplay and storyline is awesome, but can you please make the female characters breasts more jiggly, or an option to do so? Developers please respond
  • Nothing to do

    By TheManInBlack4586
    Great until you beat story mode. That’s when you run out of things to do. Events are too few and far in between to keep you playing. Multi-player: good luck getting four players per match and then half the time the low level guys die only to come back at the end when you’ve done all the work.
  • Bg (bad game)

    By bearboy 10
    Why does this app have four stars. When you play games leveling up is actually useful, in this game it’s like you get WORSE of a player. Just let me get to rank 11 plz.
  • Should bring back the prince and friends

    By lucie the cat
    It is very frustrating to play co-op. No one joins. I’m waiting 2-3 min for one person. I find that I can’t progress in co-op and advance my characters and weapons because no one is playing. I’m PST time zone. I can’t be the only one playing this game? Please fix some of the maps. There are maps where we can’t literally jump forward. You are stuck behind mountain roadblocks while the boss/mobs are far away. Sometimes can’t progress.
  • Great game

    By Sammi @ wrk
    I originally heard about this in FFXV and I couldn’t wait until the app came out. It took some getting used to but once I got it, it’s super addicting. The screen scrolls up and you shoot at the monsters coming at you. You have 5 different job classes with 6 different elements to make up your party of 4. Each job class has its own range of shot attack and charge attack. Each individual character has 2 abilities that vary in range and added skill. For example: Ray Jack is a warrior, his shot attack is mid-range, his first ability is a close proximity attack, and his second ability is long range. There’s a plethora of weapons you can choose from and equip to your characters. Each class has its own weapons; for example warriors can only equip swords. But the characters aren’t limited to which swords can be equipped. So Ray Jack being a light elemental warrior can be equipped with a fire elemental sword. The 4 star rarity weapons also have an ability that, once unlocked, can be used with any character no matter what elemental type they are. Regular missions give you regalite, Zell, and orbs. Zell and orbs are used to level up characters and weapons. The regalite Events come out every month or so and a few of these events will give you a 4 Star character that you can train and unlock abilities for. From these events, instead of enemies dropping orbs, they drop event items which are used to unlock abilities and level up the character. You also can use these event items to trade in for accessories and a weapon for that characters job class. The regalite gained from doing missions and the daily login bonuses can be spent on items that boost the amount of items dropped from quests and to buy characters and weapons. As of this time, there’s 5 chapters to the main story and many of the characters, once obtained, have their own back short back story. Co-op is something I was never really into to begin with. But it allows you to play with 4 other people, either friends or random players. This recent FFXV crossover event got anyone playing in Co-op mode an event item that can be used to get accessories. I’m hoping they keep doing events like this since this was the first time I’ve ever really gotten into multiplayer. Anyways, the in-app purchases are available for those who are willing to buy. But this game is incredibly easy for free-to-play players. You get plenty of regalite from doing quests. You also get regalite for doing Daily and Basic missions like: open 500 chests and you’re rewarded 3 regalite, participate in 3 multiplayer quests for 3 regalite and so on. Even on the daily login bonus you get regalite or boost items. These bonuses still stack even if you skip a day. I think the only issue I have with this game is it kills the battery on my phone, sometimes even causing it to freeze. Not sure if it’s the app itself or if it’s just my phone (iPhone 6). But I’m not gonna knock a star off since it’s probably cuz my phone is mad old. Overall it’s a great game and it can get pretty addictive. The main story is interesting and the accompanying side stories are equally good. This isn’t a full on RPG so don’t expect an in depth immersive storyline.