Radish — Fiction Serials

Radish — Fiction Serials

By Radish Media

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  • Release Date: 2016-02-14
  • Current Version: 1.32.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Radish Media
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
Score: 3
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Radish gives you early access to the latest web fiction serials from top writers! See the latest chapter now for a cheap one-click payment, or wait a week to read for free. Radish is designed for the mobile generation. Read stories anywhere – on the bus, in the line at the supermarket, and in the lecture hall when you’re meant to be listening to the professor. We invite the best and most popular writers from all over the web to give you a quick reading fix on the go. Radish writers can choose one of three ways to offer you a story: Free: As you can imagine, the story is completely free Freemium: Pay to read a chapter now, or wait to read it for free Premium: Pay to read You’re free to read and pay for as much or as little as you want, and will never be charged for the app itself. To buy a chapter, purchase Radish coins within the app first, and then unlock the chapter with one click. It’s all done through your Apple account, so we will never ask for your credit card details or other personal information. You are downloading Radish 1.0, so you’re here at the very beginning of a big new adventure. We’ll be adding tons of new features in the coming weeks and months. We hope you enjoy Radish!



  • Great stories but pricy

    By Eileenyweenie
    I truly enjoy many of these stories and the majority of them are worth the money. The problem is that the coins are evaluated WAY TOO HIGH!! You have to pay 3 coins every chapter that is not free. The first three are always free. If the book is not free it is premium or freemium. Freemium means you have to wait for them to be free. It can be between a few days to a few months. For premium if it’s a lot of chapter you’ll have to pay quiet a bit. For example if you pay 20 chapter, that’s 3 coins per chapter (average ratio with no discount) is $.50 (20*.50= $10.00) some books are like 50 chapters. That’s a lot for an online book. Some physical books are cheaper. I know the company AND the author want a profit but it’s just too expensive. Better to just wait it out or find it somewhere for cheaper truly. This is not to take away of the quality of the books. Many are very good.
  • It needs some improvements

    By Animal lover333
    There are some good books that I really like but there’s no efficient way to earn more coins to unlock episodes. They have events so you can earn more coins but they’re like once a month and you usually only earn 5 coins which will only get you one episode. There is also no paging feature so you have to scroll.
  • Good but...

    By Starrr1224
    Honestly, I think authors getting pay is awesome but most stories have chapters that are short that’s it’s not worth the 3 coins that I pay for. it’s really annoying wasting money on something that it’s not worth it. I really love reading all this stories from radish but after my coins that I purchased are over that will it from me because I honestly think 3 coins for chapter that is not long enough to be called a chapter be worth my time or money. I get it that authors want to have that extra money but at least make it worth the money you are getting payed for. Radish should make a policy of the length of chapter they are posting. Or make short chapter one coin at least. We have wattpad but now authors put their stories on radish which is great but it’s just too much and sometimes not worth it. What was fun about reading stuff from app such as wattpad was because of people that wanted to publish their own little stories and what was good about it was people got to comment it, like it but now it’s getting out of hand because we have to pay for it. Instead of paying chapters I prefer getting ads that show up every time I want to read the next chapter.
  • $15 on radish vs $2 on kindle

    By Ehbsibe
    There are a LOT of great authors on this app, and I am very happy for those who are not published to be able to make a profit off of their hard work. HOWEVER it’s really unacceptable that the price is so high for those who are published. Let’s say there are 45 individual chapters on radish, even if 3 are free, that’s still 42 you have to pay for. That’s around 126 coins which is about $15.00 (with a pack of coins that has a discount no less). Yet if you go to amazon where that author has published the SAME book, you can get the exact SAME thing for anywhere between $0.99-$4.99 Moral of the story, be smart with your money and check if they have it for sale on kindle/elsewhere. But also that’s pretty messed up on radish’s part. Thanks for reading, bye.
  • Good Concept, Bad Execution

    By Soccer_lover12
    The concept is good—providing hard working authors with money for their time and effort. however, many apparent flaws come to light as you use the app. I understand the paying part, but for lightly edited amateur writing, it is far too overpriced. Now, some authors produce publishing quality work, and the some twenty dollars is reasonable (still expensive, but reasonable.) Some works, on ten other hand, are not. Some author don’t complete their works, yet you were forced to pay to read them (that is for premium works.) I feel that in order to qualify to be a premium (even freemium, although you can wait for that so it’s not necessary) your work has to be 1) complete, and 2) reviewed for quality. If any of these points are not fulfilled, the book is demoted to freemium. just a suggestion.
  • WTH

    By SecretNinja :)
    I had an account and had bought over 200 coins. Now it's asking me to log on and it won't let me. I'm a little PO'd.
  • Coin purchases

    By Lovelygamers
    I love this app very much, but for the past few months I have not been able to purchase coins like I use to. For some reason there is an error and my payments don’t through. I assume it’s a bug needing to be fixed since it has worked before.
  • Review

    By xmariii
    I use this app pretty much everyday and I see many other reviews saying how the money is an issue, but many stories out there are free, and some release a free chapter a week. Yes the updates aren’t always constant, but that’s not the fault of the app itself so I do think it gets unnecessary hate from that. I really only pay for stories that are complete or that I enjoy and I know the author is constant, such as the books in the “Storm and Silence” series. My advice is don’t spend money on a story if you’re going in blindly and not much info on the author. Focus mainly on free stories and high rated ones, because those tend to be well written and have frequent updates from the authors.
  • It’s cute

    By amyk343
    I only read on this app for one author. I feel like a lot of the others give an uncommitted vibe so I don’t feel compelled to spend money on those other books. I also feel like there should be other ways to earn coins besides random giveaways and spending real money. Maybe being given a set amount of coins every month or so and then paying for additional coins is a better option because people are not going to be convinced to join this app especially when Wattpad + AO3 are free. But, MAJOR SHOUTOUT TO LOWRITES BECAUSE SHE IS INCREDIBLE
  • Cool concept. Not practical

    By Riri09195
    I think this app has tried offering a new way to pay authors which I support, but I don't think it works well with the authors using it. The authors on this app get uninterested in stories too easily and the 50 cents per chapter isn't really realistic. The average radish story is like 40+ chapters. That's over 20 dollars for a book with limited editing and ok concepts. Plus half the time the author doesn't even finish the book so you paid ten dollars for a half finished book. Maybe with a little tweaking this could be good, but right now it just doesn't work.