War and Order

War and Order

By CamelGames INC.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-04-06
  • Current Version: 1.2.12
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 135.57 MB
  • Developer: CamelGames INC.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 6.0
Score: 4.5
From 19,885 Ratings


Orc Knights, Elf Sages, Dragon Riders, and other incredible warriors are waiting to fight for your empire! Raise a massive fantasy army for HUGE, spectacularly animated battles! Axes fly, dragons roar, and fireballs sizzle as you clash with enemies from all over the world in real-time. Call on your allies to rush to your aid on horse- and lizard-back. Repay them with your undying loyalty as you take castles, slay ogres, and stake new territory as a tribe! THIS is the game you won’t be able to put it down as your screen lights up with constant new battles, chats, and upgrades! You must battle to become more powerful than any king in history! But you can’t do it alone. It’s up to you and your allies to unite the fantasy races like never before as you conquer an endless world of empires and imagination. ◆HOMELAND • Recruit and train over 30 unique soldiers. • Construct and upgrade tons of buildings for new soldiers, buffs, and resources! • Research new technology FAST for cutting-edge tactics and weapons! ◆ALLIANCE • Friend, feud, and chat with players from around the world in real time. • Help each other build and expand your cities faster. • Rally together to take down enemies you could never face alone! • Share and expand territory to enjoy exclusive buildings and bonuses! ◆CONFRONTATION • Sweep the battlefield in huge real-time PvP matches! • Build your force to leviathan proportions! • Engulf other lords' castles as you expand your territory. ◆CONQUEST • Attack other player's castles to plunder their resources and climb power rankings! • Vanquish roaming monsters for their treasures, from man-eating Ogres to massive Dragons. ◆EMPIRE • Take over the Royal City to rule over the realm with unheard of power and privileges! • Explore unknown lands to find elite resources, ancient ruins, and more surprises! • Grow your alliance territory for richer rewards and resources! Follow War and Order on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarandOrder1/



  • Very poor support.

    By Spcycwgrl
    While I love the game and spend way too much time on it the consistently poor quality of support is about to lose me as a customer. You report an issue, they request screenshots. Once you send them they refuse to ever reply again. Open another ticket including the screenshots from the beginning still ignored. Has happened on several issues. If they do actually deign to reply they’re not even friendly or polite.
  • Honestly a great game.

    By SkyTraceur
    I played this game a lot on my old phone, when i upgraded and lost my save i decided to stop playing. But after trying dozens of other games of this type i came back and realized that this is the only one that isn't really pay to win and is really just genuine fun.
  • Good but one thing (more than one)

    By Mr.Billy19
    So I like this game except I have one problem. In my first account, I sent my whole army to defend an alliance flag. I was kicked from the Alliance for no reason and there was no way to get my army back. So, I deleted the game. I got it again months later and I have a lvl 10 city and have unlocked tier 4 soldiers (highest for lvl 10 city) but I have learned to not reinforce anyone. I think you should be able to set the territory tax amount higher or lower than 15%. I also think it should be easier to get an alliance castle and it should be were a leader isn’t demoted until 20 instead of 3 days, since the leader could be on vacation or something. I also think there should be more than two races per soldier category. It should be more than the current two races per category. I am listing the current races per soldier category(Infantry: humans orcs, cavalry: dragon riders and horseback, Archers: humans and elves, mages: humans and elves. Also make more monster types there is only like 4. I’m also only on tier 12 monsters and they are way overpowered they defeated my whole army of 20K men 1-4 tier, and my dragon was part of the army, and it was only a Cerberus thing. By the way my in game name is Micenia.

    By KINGmoocow501
    The game was fine before you stole textures and items from Skyrim to use on the artifacts
  • Addictive

    By tilldeathfindsme
    Very fun, addictive game. I'm an outdoorsman and don’t usually play games like this but i have to say after trying it I'm hooked. Go realm 783 😂😂
  • No response for help

    By SkitzoMarg
    I haven’t gotten to kill the new monsters or join rallies in quite some time and put in a ticket about it, no response. I was loving this game up till now. I’m missing out on getting rewards and coins. I’ve spent too much money on this game to be having these problems and not being fixed
  • Wrongly accused and gems taken away

    By DiaNyuszi
    I’ve enjoyed playing this game for almost 2 years until recently when Camel wrongfully accused me of asking for refund from Apple and they took all my gems away. I’ve sent several mails and proof to them but it did not made any difference. I hope it won’t happen to any of you because it’s really upsetting they can do that just take away the gems what have been paid for.
  • False advertising

    By Mattatag
    Looks nothing like the add I saw that made me want to play the game.
  • Overall not a bad game

    By AYP Guy
    Seems to be like most other games but main thing I don’t like is city is too clustered together with many things you need to do are hard to find or overlooked with unneeded details.
  • Terrible customer service

    By Adam with an H
    If you’re gonna get this game and invest don’t count on Camel being of any service. Without a doubt the worse customer service you can imagine. If you spend 3 years on your castle only for the game to lock you out of your castle don’t expect much from them.