Revenge of Sultans

Revenge of Sultans


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-02-06
  • Current Version: 1.7.10
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 277.65 MB
  • Developer: ONEMT LIMITED
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 7.0
Score: 4
From 822 Ratings


Come and join players from around the world in this online real-time strategy game, and establish your own empire on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea! As a Lord in our world, you will be required to face intense challenges and fight epic battles on behalf of your realm. Shoulder the hopes of your people and establish yourself as a mighty king, bringing peace and prosperity to the lands under your rule. There will be a never-ending succession of rivals who covet the throne that is yours by right, and it's up to you to exhaust the limits of your strategic ability and remain one step ahead. Collect resources, train troops, and defend your kingdom. Wars will arise, and you must use all your knowledge and skill to ensure that you emerge on the winning side, time and time again, until the whole world lies at your feet! Experience Battle on an Epic Level Command elite Byzantine troops as you annihilate your enemies, surrounded by the clamor of battle. To the victor go the spoils, to the loser, ignominy. With a mighty army at your back, and fueled by the latest technological advances, you are now ready to take on the world! Explore the Rich Coastline of the Mediterranean Sea Untold dangers lie in wait amongst the wild, virgin landscape. But for those who lust to travel, and have an army to fend off monsters, there is much to explore in the Relics of this new hinterland. Find boundless resources, or end up on a long and incredible adventure. Overcome Your Problems With Strategy You were chosen by the people to serve as king, but your enemies are resourceful and they will try to destroy your kingdom by any means possible. Can you keep up with the demands of your people? Or will a lack of resources cripple your economy? Remember, you can always ask your allies for help! Choose your allies with care, for they will be invaluable on your road to world domination! Do Battle Shoulder to Shoulder With Your Friends You will undoubtedly make many new friends on your long road to kingship, but be careful not to leave your old friends behind; invite them to play alongside you and conquer the world together! Share your victories and glory with your friends and forge a prosperous kingdom together! FEATURES ● Build your castle, upgrade and defend it with turrets, walls and Traps. ● Build your own army of swordsmen, Archers, Camel Riders, catapults and other mighty fighters and tools. ● Battle with other players worldwide, defeat them and snatch their resources. ● Real-time strategy wars. ● Join together with other players and friends to form the ultimate alliance. ● Accept PvP challenges and prove your mettle against the best Lords in the Realm. ● Fight against other clans in the throne war and take revenge upon your enemies. ● Live the medieval wars and re-live the history. User Support My Lord, if you have any feedback then please send us a message at Privacy policy: Terms of service:



  • War Medals

    By BE Rating
    Way to expensive of a game. Starts off nice but when they think they have you hooked, BAM. They should be offering much more war medals for the money they are charging. Greed is a sin people and whomever runs this game are sinners. So, if you are rich and do not care about money, play this game.
  • Player beware

    By ReyTravieso
    Game was amazing, and addictive. A drain of finances as well. Customer support is getting worse and worse. Castles are being banned and never returned after a lot of money being spent which continues to fund this nonsense. Every time you contact support they say hope this clarifies your problem. When all they did was throw together a bunch of nonsense that makes no sense to your situation. A few support team members are good back others are sadly lacking. Another issue is there are now over 130 kingdoms and not enough support staff to handle that volume. Why is this? We deserve a better in game experience, shorter resolution times, better handling of issues, more clarity about the game, and what is expected from us in the game to not have castles banned/accounts removed. For real. Y’all need to shape up! And fast!
  • Albanian Language

    By mismaili
    Hello, Can you please put the Albanian language in the game? Because we are a lote of Albanian players and there are a lot of them didn’t understand the english, so will you help us to put the Albanian language, we are here Albania, Macedonia, Kosova, Montenegro and a pice of Serbia that using a Albanian language. Can you please feed back us for these message. Thank you
  • Fun game and great community

    By Bloody Hell Guild
    Yes you can spend, but you don’t need too. I don’t and I do well. You will get some kingdoms that have many crazy spenders that make it impossible.i left the kingdom early and went to a new. My first didn’t have spenders really at all. Tbh I think you lose a lot of the game by buying up your castle. I do wish some kingdoms would open with spending caps to make it more level playing field. But it is not impossible to not spend. Latest update has great graphics.
  • Whoops!

    By TiredOfThis...
    I came to this game, ‘cause I heard it didn’t have chat restrictions and I am a social, active player. But when all of the sudden, they start charging 500 gold per message, in the public rooms... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So long story short, I quit. Gonna delete the app, ‘cause I’m not real big on the BS...
  • Stupid game

    By ayatweber
    A pay to play player will wipe the floor with you it’s only a matter of time. I tried to escort a loot caravan which I had never done, woke up the next morning to find my troops gone and I’d been attacked 4 times and I had nothing left.. Lame! Pay to play games as usual blow.
  • Really expensive Game

    By Dzirmal
    The game is incredible who love war, but it’s really expensive. I am playing this game for more than three years and spent more than $1000$ but still in law level. I hope it’ll be affordable for everyone. I think the developers targeted riches Shaikhes’ sons.
  • Troops

    By Paulfuss
    I have lots of low-tier troops, and now that I’m becoming a more and more advanced empire, I have higher-tier troops, rendering my lower-tier troops outdated. I want to be able to dismiss them so I can replace them.
  • Game needs to protect players who spend less

    By KingHGtheGreat
    I have the same experience as the others here those that spend the most in K68 destroyed the weaker players for no good reason other then they could do it. I was attacked over 120 times. Then followed & attacked again to the point that I was think I would need to leave the game. I know many others have. I complained about this & suggest higher level castles should be able to move to other Kingdoms as one fix. Never received any response. So I move and hide & the game is less fun. It is one of the best games I have played except for the above. I can’t even take a vacation in peace must be able to get on or my troops & rss are gone. What a shame.
  • Ad for game

    By Benny_the_jet_rodriguez___
    This game is garbage and what’s even more sad is that this game had to rip off the fight between Kratos and Boulder I’m the new god of war like the shield is even the same talk about plagiarism