Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards

Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards

By Quidd Inc

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2016-05-02
  • Current Version: 2.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 165.32 MB
  • Developer: Quidd Inc
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
Score: 4
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Collect, trade and show off officially licensed, limited edition stickers, GIFs, trading cards and 3D figures of your favorite characters, including from fandoms like Rick & Morty™, Game of Thrones®, MARVEL®, Transformers™, My Little Pony™, Bob's Burgers™, Star Trek™, Breaking Bad, and Michael Jackson (see more below). Don’t forget to: - Drag and drop your stickers in iMessage and use them anywhere you use your keyboard! - Open mystery boxes containing Hasbro Toys, Funko Pop! figures and Kidrobot digital minis! - Come back everyday to get new content for free! With over 1 AND A HALF BILLION limited edition digital items sold to-date, there is no better time than now to join Quidd and start building your collection. ********** Here’s what you can do: - Use your free coins to purchase limited-edition collectible stickers, cards and 3D figures. - Meet hundreds of thousands of super-fans and geek out with people that love the same stuff you do! - Chat and trade with your new friends in real-time. Adjust the terms of a trade and watch as the most coveted items land in your pocket. - Complete over 2,000 sets like a boss. We’ve got base sets, chase sets and more with dynamic, up-to-date checklists. Once you complete a set, check out your ranking. To rank high on the leaderboard, be among the first to complete a set or build a valuable set with the lowest print numbers by trading up. - Build a one-of-kind collection that only you own and show it off to your friends. Create and share showcases that show off your creativity and your collection. Quidd is about you and the characters you love. Start your collection today! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: twitter.com/quidd or @quidd. And note: the Quidd Keyboard will never track your keystrokes. ********** Full List of Fandoms on Quidd (regional restrictions may apply): Adventure Time Archer Arrested Development Bob’s Burgers Bravest Warriors Breaking Bad Buffy the Vampire Slayer Capcom Care Bears Clarence Comic Book Men Courage the Cowardly Dog Cow and Chicken Cuphead Dawson’s Creek DC Comics Dexter’s Laboratory Dishonored 2 DOOM Dr. Seuss Ed, Edd n Eddy The Elder Scrolls Elvis Presley EMPIRE Fallout 4 Family Guy Firefly Five Nights at Freddy’s Fraggle Rock Fruit Ninja Funko Game of Thrones Garfield Ghostbusters God of War Golden Girls Halo Hellboy Hello Kitty Hello Neighbor Jim Henson Johnny Bravo La La Land Magic: The Gathering Major League Baseball MARVEL Michael Jackson Monopoly Muhammad Ali My Little Pony Naruto Ni No Kuni II Ouran High School Host Club Outlander Powerpuff Girls Power Rangers Quake Regular Show Rick and Morty Sanrio Scream Queens Sonic The Hedgehog Star Trek Steven Universe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Amazing World of Gumball Skyrim The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy The Princess Bride The Tick The X-Files Transformers Twin Peaks Uncle Grandpa Valiant Comics ********** 
OFFICIAL HBO LICENSED PRODUCT © 201 HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. HBO AND RELATED TRADEMARKS ARE THE PROPERTY OF HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. ADULT SWIM, the logo, RICK AND MORTY, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © 2018 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All rights reserved. ©2018 Cryptozoic Entertainment. 25351 Commercentre Dr. Suite 250, Lake Forest, CA 92630. All rights reserved. TM & © 2018 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bob’s Burgers™ & © 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. © 2018 MARVEL, Inc. © 2018 Hasbro, Inc. © 2018 Sanrio, Inc.



  • I love it! But...

    By cookiecat6667
    I wish you would add a few more things like Star vs the Forces of Evil and stuff like that.Other than that the app is great I just want a few more things you can get.Also add some more anime like My Hero academia.
  • L

    By vinnyrte
    Lavinia is the season To keep me happy and fun and I can do it better and I get what I wen I want it so ya
  • Not for completionists anymore

    By PastelPanda4
    This app use to be very easy and fun to get everything you wanted. You used to know when sets were dropping and you could trade fairly easily. Now everything costs money and some sets are ONLY available for money. You still have sets dropping at their proper times but now there’s “hyperstrike” and “scattershot” sets that drop and sometimes there’s no notification and cost money. Sometimes it’s confusing because there no more posts explaining these sets and all we have are sometimes very short, concise descriptions in the info. Sometimes too vague “more info soon” type of descriptions and there’s no info. Also when Quidd does release a post sometimes it disappears from the top of the feed. So if you missed out.. sorry too bad. The communication aspect is WAY down from what it used to be. It’s certainly less enjoyable than it used to be.
  • Amazing game

    By mora1157
    I think this game is perfect
  • $100+ real money for one set!

    By CountingTheLemons
    This was my most used app until recently. You could use coins for a lot of the easy sets but occasionally would need to spend $5-10 for something rare (maybe even a couple times a week). Not anymore, it’s strictly pay to play if you want anything of value. I’m talking $100+ on one set, multiple times a week. Who would pay that for digital content you still won’t own?! Oh did I forget to mention even after paying $100+ for that one set, it’s still not yours (according to Quidd TOS). If you attempt to sell any of your items (like on eBay) you will be suspended and can no longer trade or message people, both of which are crucial. You would also no longer be eligible for awards or special release sets. On top of that they replaced showcases with shelfies, which is like going from a Lamborghini to a Dodge Neon. They also went from TapJoy to Fyber (for coins), both of which are very shady companies but Fyber is much worse. Downgrade after downgrade. They post surveys and such on the feed occasionally and almost always have to remove them within an hour or so because all the comments are of user complaints. If you want my advice, don’t download. If you do anyway, please don’t waist your hard earned money on it.
  • Quidd

    By Marilyta
    Absolutely amazing app 5 stars

    By Declan Meehan
    Absolutely amazing and hilarious!!!!
  • Used to love it but not so much now

    By Ali<3<3
    I used to adore collecting things but now no matter how good of WiFi I’m connected too nothing loads and my boyfriend has the same problem. And everything is always sold out or weirdly hard to get. I was getting a Shane pack and I believe every sticker had the same chance rate and I opened every pack it gave me since it only allowed so many. I got to open multiple packs and there were only about 8 stickers and I had 10 of one sticker and there were two I didn’t get any of. It sucked because I couldn’t keep buying packs of them to get the two. There were other packs like this that cost coins and I spent real money trying to get them and I never did. I opened so many I had 10+ of every card, even the really rare ones I had multiples of, and there was one common one I never got. And I went into the app to get a limited figure the second it went up and I couldn’t find it to get it. An hour later my boyfriend asked if I was able to get one for him too and when we went to see if we could find it we couldn’t for 30min then found it and it was gone. I also wish I could send the cards and figures in a text. I spent $15 to get cool cards before I realized they couldn’t be sent in a text so they’re useless
  • Great!

    By Crafted_Cam
    I think it’s an amazing app!! But I think there should be more fandoms y’know? Like stranger things asdf movie or eddsworld! (Please do eddsworld)
  • Not good

    By Gothic_Raven_Angel
    It’s too expensive now. They don’t actually listen to Quidd users, basically to the veterans they are now messing with everything. Trading is a mess, they charge the same amount (ex: 20k coins) for third and lesser editions as they do for the 1st ed, which is ridiculous. They charge $30 in presage for a digital POP figure. They also sometimes (like yesterday with Steven Universe POP set, that was out of 250) sell out completely in presale which isn’t fair and then again they charge ridiculous amount for 2nd Edition and don’t even warn users that the set was in 2nd ed. And when eating inside the app, once they make an update they lock you in for that review in the app (meaning you can’t change it) and also get rid of whatever written review you made before the update.