Game of Thrones: Conquest™

Game of Thrones: Conquest™

By Warner Bros.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-17
  • Current Version: 1.1.215396
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 135.51 MB
  • Developer: Warner Bros.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4
From 2,353 Ratings


Westeros is at war. Great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens the realm.  Live out your fantasy and join the war.  Build your house and raise your army as you navigate a dangerous political landscape.  Based on the award winning HBO series, Game of Thrones: Conquest allows players to become a Lord in Westeros and define a strategy for conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is here and your enemy’s army will not wait to clash swords.  Wage war and join the battle today to capture the Iron Throne! A TRUE GAME OF THRONES EXPERIENCE “In the game of thrones, you win or you die.” - Cersei Lannister -Become a lord of Westeros: Build your great house, create your sigil, and Fight for the Crown -Interact with key characters from the hit HBO series including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Petyr Baelish, Cersei Lannister and more. -Capture 120+ iconic Seats of Power like Winterfell, Castle Black, Dragonstone, and King’s Landing -Navigate the dangerous political landscape using the innovative Allegiance System to live out the fantasy of claiming The Iron Throne and -winning the Great War THE SEVEN KINGDOMS WILL REMEMBER YOUR NAME “It’s the family name that lives on. It’s all that lives on.” - Tywin Lannister -Build your house and claim your territory to rise in political influence -Raise your army and clash against rival lords to capture iconic Seats of Power -Defend your strongholds, as each Seat of Power endows you with military and economic upgrades -Dominate the map, clash with your enemies, and spread your influence MAKE KINGS RISE AND FALL “Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend.” - Petyr Baelish -Master the innovative social system that allows players to recruit bannermen, fight wars alongside your allies, and live out your fantasy of ruling The Seven Kingdoms -Claim the Iron Throne - In a dynamic political world, choose between deception and loyalty as you shift your allegiances -Reward those loyal to you with titles like Hand of the King and Master of Coin as you build your Small Council -Bestow Seats of Power to your allies granting them special military and economic advantages Only in Game of Thrones: Conquest can you become a lord of Westeros and navigate the dangerous political system as you Fight for the Crown. Interact with key characters and capture  iconic locations from the award winning HBO TV series. Dominate your enemies by using an innovative Allegiance System that allows you to recruit your friends as bannermen as you rise to take The Iron Throne. LIVE THE FANTASY - PLAY NOW AND FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! Join the conversation: ™ & © 2017 Home Box Office, Inc. ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17)



  • So unhappy

    By Petrofunk
    Such a terrible game, you’re forced into buying peace shields or joining a big alliance that you WILL get kicked out of if you’re new bc people have apparently been playing for ages so they don’t want newbs in their alliance. And alliances can only be so big. And you can’t unbind an account so don’t ever make a mistake and bind the wrong one. Really really disappointed I spent money on this but I wanted to protect the castle I had been building up. Such a waste of time and money to get dumped on my players who apparently don’t have jobs or lives bc the alliance leaders are on 24/7. Ridiculous. Don’t bother playing this game if you have any sort of life.
  • Gotta empty the iron bank in order to be successful in this game

    By Orecic
    Like most games that are free, this game needs your money. If you want to stand a chance in this game after the tutorial, you’re going to need money. The game centers around gathering resources to build and develop your kingdom and troops. The variety of resources goes beyond the normal games Ive seen, and yes, there is a paywall for these resources. The best is this ability to teleport. In Westeros, you would have to send your troops to attack another player/house. But this game, for a pretty penny, will allow you to teleport next to them, and destroy their troops. Some will be killed, and some will be wounded. If you are a free player, you’ll have to wait a while to gather the resources to heal your defeated troops, or pay to heal faster. If you want to buy things, they come in variety packs. The lowest rate will give you enough premium gems to buy one teleport. The game is riddled with ghost castles of players who realized that this game is a pay to win game. There are still plenty of players, but the only thing this game has going for itself is the game of thrones locations you can take over. Of course they are rolling out the different areas you can actually take over... but to expand lands with a shrinking player count, this game will be over with if they dont figure out a better balance for this game soon.
  • Unplayable unless you pay

    By Billnyexe
    Ive been playing this game for about a month now and I spent around $100 so far. Even with the money I spent I cannot survive in this game. People who spent tens of thousands of dollars can wipe me out instantly and there is nothing I can do about it. Unless this system is somehow fixed I recommend not playing this game.
  • Bricks

    By JoshuaJB15
    Any item that can only be bought that is needed to upgrade makes this a pay to win game. Bricks is the best example. The either need to go away or players need to be given an easier way to collect them. This goes for some of the other items in the game as well.
  • Suggest removing from app store

    By TheDiscoMan
    It is a pay to win game, but it appears to have quirks that will end up draining your pocket book to correct your errors. The mechanics and interface are poor compared to other games. Documentation about game needs improvement. The best game strategy is not to play.
  • Most extreme P2W ever

    By Biggange 420
    This game had great potential, however most big spenders and free players are leaving this game in droves. After mid game you need to spend over $100 just to build one building, and there is no way for free players to farm the resources needed. I’ve spent over $2000 on this game but even with $2000 you don’t make it past mid game. It makes Supercell games like Clash of Clans look like a bargain. Until devs fix the game Save your time and money and don’t play this game even tho it’s GoT themed.

    By Smallt0wngrl
    I downloaded the game thinking it was going to be similar to KOM, GOW, etc. I couldn’t be more wrong. I downloaded the game when it first rolled out, and I wouldn’t have enough time in the day to list everything broken. I understand it’s a new game, but it’s their refusal to reimburse customers for losses due to these bugs that makes this game worthless. Not only did I lose multiple resources when using them because it would take the resources but not start the item I was using the resource for, but their “account binding” system was a total failure. I started playing this game with a friend, on the same server. We leveled together, we had both spent money on the promo packs. He had used a friend code to join this server, and despite having bound his account, when he reformatted his tablet, he lost the entire account on the new server. It reverted him back to his original server, minus all the progress he had made. After a week of trying to talk to the joke that is customer service, he gave up on getting the account back and just wanted a credit for his purchases to use on the new server. As they couldn’t get him his kingdom back, and had already originally been playing together, I requested that either my world be moved to his new server so we could play together as intended, or credit me my purchases on the new server so that I could start over in that world with him. It seemed only fair since it was their binding system that broke in the first place. I spent a WEEK trying to talk to customer service while they refused to even acknowledge their epic screwup and continuously parroted back to me that they couldn’t issue credits for world transfers or transfer progress to a new account. So in essence, they took our money, kept his game with his progress, and refused to compensate either of us so that we could continue playing together as their game messed up. So now I’m out the money, there is a dead city that can’t be accessed, and we have no desire to play or put anything else into the game because we cannot play together. It is an incredible waste of my last few weeks, and some splurge money I will never get back. Don’t even get me started on the insane gap between P2W and those who aren’t. If you aren’t P2W there is no point in playing. I have never come across such dishonest game developers ever, especially being sponsored by a company like HBO! I am beyond disgusted!!
  • A game that’s not Free 2 Play

    By Lord Alterum
    There are so many things that need to be fixed. The first being resources. Food is so hard to get on here. Gathering it is almost pointless as it takes hours on end for very little reward. Your farms in your keep will never be able to sustain you. So the only viable option is to attack other players or spend money. Well, unlucky for you, everyone and their mum has already thought of that so there are few players with food in their keeps. So you’re down to fighting players three times your size or paying with real money for food. I get that the game is focused on war and all that but it’s hard to fight others when you can’t feed your armies. Some solutions to this problem could be faster gather times from farm tiles on the map or bigger yields from them. Or perhaps making keep farms produce more? My next problem with the game is the teleporting. I don’t have a huge issue here, I’m just not a fan of people being able to tp into an area to fight someone and then immediately tp out. Perhaps put a 30-60 minute time limit on tps after using one? My last issue, and possibly the biggest besides food, is the allegiance system. To me it is beyond ridiculous that I can’t fully manage my allegiance. I’m a T1 but I can’t remove inactive T4s? I can’t kick one of my inactive T3s to make room for a new player? There’s just so little control over this system and honestly, I find that to be very annoying and difficult to manage. In a game that requires that you be in a allegiance, you want the allegiance mechanics to be refined. I would suggest allowing T1s have total control over their allegiances with the ability to kick, demote, or promote members. It would also be cool to introduce alliances and non-aggression pacts. An integral part of GoT is all of the alliances between different factions. It would also be nice if the playing field was leveled a little bit. You can’t play this game as a f2p player. You just can’t. One bloke spends hundreds of thousands on this game and suddenly there’s nothing you can do to stop him. The power gap is incredibly large in this game. The fact that I can’t send resources to my allegiance mates is a bit ridiculous as well. Caravans should be a thing. Maybe make bricks, soldier pines, frags, etc., easier to get or remove them? Overall, I’m not impressed with the app and its progress in recent weeks. Wish I hadn’t spent money on this.
  • Horrible game

    By Toolazy44
    If I could give a rating of 0 I would. This game is a pay to play game you can’t get far without paying. And you can’t do anything without getting plundered by pay to win players.
  • Teleports break this game

    By Pathetically bland
    This game could be so good. Forget the pay to win part. I came in expecting and ready to accept that. What is total BS is the people who have 300 teleports and can be anywhere around the map in seconds. Shouldn’t be able to buy them and people should get an equal amount each day for free. Say 5.