Audulus 3

Audulus 3

By Audulus LLC

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2015-12-08
  • Current Version: 3.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 133.89 MB
  • Developer: Audulus LLC
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 11.2
Score: 5
From 116 Ratings


With Audulus, you can build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio. All with low latency real-time processing suitable for live performance. Audulus's user interface is clean, simple, and easy to learn, allowing you to focus on sound - now made easier than ever with nearly 100 built-in Eurorack-style modules. ▶ Winner of Electronic Musician Magazine Editor's Choice Award, 2017 "Audulus 3 out and is stunning!" - Richard Devine, "Anybody into synthesis should check out Audulus on the iPad. Tweaker heaven." - Jordan Rudess "Audulus is fantastic, a thinking man's synth." - UK App Store review Rated "Killer App" on! Praise for the Mac version: "beautiful interface" - Peter Kirn, "Love this App. It has one of the best UIs I've ever used." - USA Mac App Store review "The biggidy bomb coolest most super tech-nerd fun times soft synth I've bought in recent times!" - Mac App Store Australia review "Remarkable gesture control" - ▶ Visit the Audulus Forum for exciting FREE user-created patches! ◀ ▶ Educational pricing available. For more information, see ▶ Key Features: • Fluid Vector Interface - smooth animated interaction • MIDI control - use your control surface or MIDI keyboard • Polyphony - process multiple voices • Diverse Nodes - from ADSR to ZeroCross • Patch Browser - quickly flip through your patches • 32-bit floating-point signal processing • Fully Enhanced for Retina Display • Unlimited Undo - full history stored in a patch • Round-trip workflow with Audulus for Mac • Virtual MIDI – control Audulus from your favorite MIDI app • Audiobus support! - Runs as both an Input and Effect • Sub-Patches - group and reuse nodes • Universal Modulation - modulate any knob • iCloud support - effortlessly sync patches between Mac and iPad • Custom Nodes - build your own modules! • Timing mode - figure out which nodes are using the most CPU! ▶ Featured Built-in Modules: • 5ms Revolving Clock Divider • Touch Feedback Clock • Ms. Torsion Distortion • Fibonacci Sequence • Fab Five Rectifying LFO • The Warpeggiator • Scale Quantizer • Cyclone Matrix Mixer ...and many more! ▶ Built-in Nodes: • Virtual Analog Oscillator (4 classic waveforms) • ADSR Envelope • Noise Generator • Mathematical Modules: Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Sine, Modulo • Math expression module - 34 operation expression language • Random Number Generator • MIDI controlled Keyboard • MIDI assignable trigger • 16-Step Sequencer • Delay • Distortion • Low Pass Filter • Low Pass Filter with resonance • High Pass Filter • Feedback Delay • Unit Delay • DC Blocker • Envelope Follower • Pitch Shifter • Constant Value • Gain • Mapper Curve • Piecewise-linear Spline Curve • Sample and Hold • Crossfade • 4-Channel Mixer • Level Meter • Value Meter • Scrolling Waveform Meter • Light • RGB Light • Input/Output • Polyphonic to Monophonic signal mixer • Polyphonic/Monophonic signal converters • Multiplexer/Demultiplexers • Sub-Patch • Timer • Zero-crossing Counter • Text ▶ Recommended hardware: 4th Generation iPad or later. iPhone 5 or later. Please don't hesitate to contact us at support at audulus dot com if you have any questions or need help.



  • Outstanding Virtual Playground

    By ZenLizard
    Entertaining and powerful, and now easier than ever for thick block-heads like myself to create something and get an education in the bargain. I encourage anyone interested in modular—or synths in general—to pick this one up.
  • Useful Patches and Support

    By polarpaul
    You can find plenty of functional and useful patches for the app. The Audulus 3.5 update is really great with all of the new modules and nodes you can access from inside your patches. The people on the Audulus forum are both knowledgeable and helpful. The integration with the files app is great and being able to search and sort your patches by date makes finding things very easy. The app is very stable now even when editing patches. I use the app all the time to integrate it as a synth or effect in AUM, Audiobus, and Cubasis. It hasn’t taken too much effort relative to the benefits of learning how to put modules together and to create my own patches. It’s been a great way to learn more about synthesis and digital signal processing in general. Whenever I’m stuck, I know I can go to their forum and get answers. There are lots of great tools to figure out what’s happening in your or someone else’s patches too.
  • Modular enlightenment

    By Oceans in space
    This is my favorite app for complete sound design and some seriously advanced music concepts. I cant build too much from scratch bit there are toms of demos to jam to amd it makes sense. The actual quality of tones is very pleasant and the user workflow is as simple as virtual modular goes, just takes some playing around. Good happy friendly fun with sounds that really inspire. Audulus is honestly a brilliant music creation source of inspiration. Cheers
  • Fantastic learning tool and well-supported

    By BDB-1958
    I've had Audulus since early 2013 and it should be considered "Legendary" in the iOS synth world. Without a doubt, the best tool to learn and build synthesis engines. It certainly isn't your run-of-the-mill canned synthesizer (you must do a little work to make it go "beep"), but once you've learned some of the basics, the capability depth is unlimited. Audulus is well supported (check out the forum discussions, tutorials, and recorded live streams) and the developers and user-community are more than happy to answer any questions. You won't be disappointed. Update (24 Jan 2018) - This latest update (V3.5) significantly improves the usability of the patch library taking advantage of the new iOS 11 Files browser. Update (3 Apr 2018) - Another sweet update (v3.5.1) and the module library keeps getting better! Love the embedded documentation in the modules. Looking forward to seeing the Midi overhaul in another (hopefully soon) update as well as an updated Windows version supporting the SVG icons!
  • requires ios11

    By denha_
    some of us cant or dont want to use ios11. im locked in the past wishing i could use all the cool new modules you people in the future get...
  • Definitely worth more than the price tag

    By ihcilon
    An amazing app here. Even if you know nothing about visual programming (I don't really) it is still highly usable and extremely fun to work with. Also looks like a great teaching tool if you want to get into any kind of modular sound and/or sound synthesis. It looked intimidating to me at first but the patches it comes with are more than enough to get me going! Thanks for the great work!
  • Really fantastique

    By mleysens
    After owning Tassman, Lemur, Arturia Moog, NI Reaktor Blocks ... there is something easy to use that has excellent audio quality. Clean and comfortable interface too. Really well done.
  • Just Keeps Getting Better!

    By HammerDulcimer
    If you have every been interested in modular synthesis or electronic music creation, Audulus is the app for you. Far more than a “soft” synth, Audulus offers a rich visual programming environment for sound creation and manipulation. With a large selection of fundamental building blocks and a wide variety of prebuilt modules including example patches and full synths, Audulus allows you to create almost anything you can imagine. With multichannel IO support, MIDI, IAA and Audiobus compatibility, it can interoperate with other iOS music apps and with a suitable interface can also connect to more traditional hardware synthesizers. It’s available for iOS, macOS and Windows and patches can be shared between platforms. The 3.5 release features a new patch browser integrated with the iOS 11 Files app for simple patch management and sharing. The app has an active user forum where users can share ideas, patches, and assistance and there are several very good tutorials available on the forum to help get you started.
  • Okay, this kills it!

    By BozoToo
    The main advance here is, of course, a whole new file management scheme. This was one of the few weak points in Audulus and we can now only speak of that in the past tense. The new file-management system absolutely kills. Totally great. The king of all software modular synthesizers remains the king.
  • Audulus Perpetua!

    By Somnambulist2
    This is some amazing software and I’m impressed by what you can do with it. I used to buy lots of different soft synths and effects on the App Store, but once you get to a certain level with Audulus, you don’t need (or covet :-) ) the others so much because you can make new sounds all the time. Or you can just sit back and have Mark B. and the geniuses on the forums develop new patches you can use. Either is great. I’m late to the game on modular synthesis, but I’ve been a musician and software developer for quite a while. Audulus really appeals to my programming sensibility as well as my musical side so I’m using Audulus as a case study example of visual programming for some workflow software. Beautiful product, Taylor!