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Rooster Teeth is THE place to get a little bit of everything you need. It’s where you go for your daily fix of videos and content, including Red vs. Blue, RWBY, award-winning podcasts, gaming videos, Let's Plays, live action shorts, scripted series, and even movies! The Rooster Teeth family of channels includes: - Achievement Hunter - Funhaus - Game Attack - The Know - Cow Chop - Sugar Pine 7 - JT Music - ScrewAttack The vast majority of our content is free on Rooster Teeth! If you want to get rid of those pesky pre-roll ads, unlock exclusive content, and support the creators you love, you can sign up in-app to become a FIRST member. Your subscription helps us keep making the content YOU want to see and hear. Try your first month free - cancel anytime. Plans start at $2.99/month. FIRST members enjoy the following benefits: - Watch everything FIRST - No pre-roll ads - Exclusive content - Live broadcasts - 5% discount at the RT Store - Gold star by your profile name In-App Purchase information: - When you have confirmed purchasing the subscription, your Account will automatically be charged. - The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase. - Your Account will be charged $4.99 monthly, $19.99 for every six months, or $35.99 yearly for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. - The current subscription cannot be canceled during active subscription period. - You can find our Privacy Policy at and Terms of Service at



  • Slower than Molasses

    By Floshjix
    Every since rooster teeth announced that RWBY was going to be only on rooster or on the app I was disappointed that I was going to be advertised for not being a FIRST member and seeing episodes a week later, however that pales in comparison to how slow the app is. Every video buffers constantly and it takes a while to load back too. You can have a good router and connection yet it would STILL buffer like crazy. Don’t expect a smooth experience when watching anything.
  • Not There Yet

    By YouEatPig
    Content is hard to find, especially if you know what you're looking for, or trying to catch up on old things. My watch list finally shows up but the last thing that really keeps me from using the app is the watched tags and continue playing from option that is on the website. I should be able to start a video on eother platform, and pull it up on another platform. Furthering that aspect, I should be able to toggle videos I have already seen to not show in each view on the app. I would also like a page that shows most recent videos and removes videos I have watched, so that I can keep up on content wherever I am. This could be FIRST only or maybe an upgradeable feature of the app, IF AND ONLY IF, it is severely thought out, and increased usability, and included in a package of other features. I would probably be willing to pay up to 4.99 for a better upgraded and feature plenty app.
  • It has the potential

    By spartyparty88
    Please put in a “remember me” option for logging in. It’s gets old to have to type my info in over and over and over again
  • What’s up with the constant re-winding?

    By Ag econ dude
    Does this happen to anyone else? Both on the app and on the website (on my laptop) the video will often skip back a few seconds and replay that part. This is not because of my internet. It’s extremely aggravating, especially for me as a paying FIRST customer. It makes the content unwatchable. What’s to keep me from canceling my account and watching your shows on other sites, ones that will not have this bug?
  • Notifications and black screens

    By A very happy PUBG player
    I was trying to look at a notification about a live stream but all it said was “Error” and showed that I had no notifications even though I had just received one. Also I’ve experienced a black screen in place of what was supposed to be shown. I don’t know how to fix it so I just turned my phone off and tried again. Also putting the watchlist somewhere that’s easier to access than having to click your profile and go from there, that would be really nice.
  • Tablet support needed

    By Biddy Tunderdum
    In no world can you take a media company seriously when they fail to support such a key part of the market.
  • Subtitles

    By Udhvihvihftdyrtej
    Thank you for adding subtitles, but you REALLY need to fix the timing of them...lines show up seconds before people speak at all.
  • Closes Completely

    By BigD4672
    I’m a fan of having this app because it allows me to see RT content quickly, but every single time I have to pause whatever I’m watching and my phone locks for any period of time over about a minute, the app closes completely and resets so I have to open the app, find the video, click on it, and then hope that it remembered my spot. I also agree with an earlier review about have a quick option for my watch list. It seems a bit strange to have to click on my profile to get to the watch list instead of having to search through everything.
  • Just some feedback.

    By jeffwyrick
    I’m not sure when this started, but about 1/3 of the times when I search something on the app it crashes.
  • Apple TV mirroring is horrible

    By Jguamie
    The ads cause video playback to not continue. With Apple TV mirroring, once an ad completes, the video will not play. And if you toggle it, you have to start the video all over again, even if the video is already half way through an episode. You would think they understand people want to watch from their TV if they can.