Animal Jam - Play Wild!

Animal Jam - Play Wild!

By Wildworks, Inc.

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2015-08-18
  • Current Version: 37.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 153.50 MB
  • Developer: Wildworks, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 10.0
Score: 4.5
From 58,650 Ratings


Welcome to Animal Jam – Play Wild!, where you will become your favorite animal, create a style to express the real you, and explore the beautiful 3D world of Jamaa! Animal Jam is the best online community for kids and a safe place to meet and chat with new friends — plus decorate your own den, play fun animal games, adopt awesome pets, and learn about the natural world from videos, animal facts, and downloadable e-books! FEATURES: - PERSONALIZE your animals from head to tail - PLAY fun games and earn Gems - EXPLORE a gorgeous, living 3D world - SHOP for clothes, den decorations, and accessories - DESIGN your own den - JOIN a friendly community of players worldwide - CHAT with animal buddies - LEARN about real animals and their habitats Before you start exploring Jamaa, here is some important information for kids and parents: - The Animal Jam - Play Wild! game is free to play with parental permission. - Parents can control players’ access to social features through their Parent Dashboard. Animal Jam - Play Wild! offers optional in-app purchases that cost real money. You can disable the in-app purchasing functionality by adjusting your device settings. This app also offers Animal Jam recurring membership subscription options that cost real money. Most in-app features do not require this paid membership. However, in addition to exclusive member features in the app, paid subscription also includes membership in the web game. If you choose to purchase a membership, your iTunes account will be charged when you confirm the purchase. Your Animal Jam subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current membership period. Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your iTunes Account Settings any time after purchase. No refunds or credits are given for any unused periods, and your subscription will remain active through the end of that month. Recurring subscription charges by length of membership and currency: 1 Month $6.99 USD £6.49 GBP €6,99 EUR $8.99 CAD $9.99 AUD $10.99 NZD Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: ABOUT ANIMAL JAM - PLAY WILD! WildWorks has partnered with prominent scientists and educators to bring science education and spectacular imagery of the natural world to kids in a completely new way. Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting, and safe place for kids to play online. Animal Jam also inspires kids to explore and protect the natural world outside their doors. SAFETY At WildWorks, your child’s safety is our priority. The Animal Jam - Play Wild! app protects your child’s private information with secure log in, filtered and monitored chat, live moderation, and the ability to block and report players instantly. To learn more about how we protect children’s privacy, visit Children should always ask their parent or guardian for permission before they download and play. This app requires an Internet connection, and data fees may apply if WiFi isn’t connected. Animal Jam - Play Wild! ©2018 WildWorks



  • Love it, but it could use a few improvements

    By Barn_owl123
    Animal Jam has been my favorite game for three years, and it has always been my favorite game. But I do think that it could use a few improvements. For example, letting us trade pets. In the other Animal Jam, it lets us, so why not here? Trading pets would make people’s day if they wanted a pet that was out of store. Also, I think we should be able to gift people stuff from mail, like in the other Animal Jam. Those aren’t the only improvements needed, but some I think would be awesome. Anyway, about the game, it’s AWESOME! You should totally get it. There are SO many fun things to do, and you can basically go wherever you want and do whatever you want. You can even fly with a flying bird! It’s totally worth it, and it’s the best game ever!!!

    By potato diaper roll
    If you see this, I love this app. But it needs more like sea animals. Also, needs Apple updates to be faster. I get updates only on Wednesday because of this issue!
  • Love it!!!🥳😉

    By Blooming Brightpeach
    It is so much fun and it is my favorite game I have ever played and I have had a lot of games in the bast! But it does need a little more to it. Like add some numbers to the mail because what if you want one of your friends to come to a Pacific epic den. But I think its the best game ever! You got get it!😉 oh and can you stop editing my Messages Because I try to tell my best Buddy my name then it ended up saying clean.😕 but you have to get it because it is the best game ever!!!!🥳😃😄😁😆😜 And it isn’t fair that wolfs can’t go to the Arctic wolf cave but the arctic wolfs can go to the wolves cave.😕
  • Aj you NEED to read this NOW

    By MarshKip
    I need you to ban a player called “warmgingerbread” they said a lot of bad words, like really REALLY bad words to my friend in front of a bunch of other KIDS. They were bragging about how rare they were! I can’t believe you let this kind of stuff happen! Aj BAN THEM PLEASE! They deserve it! Aj they said the worst word in the English language! The only reason I put the comment as one star is so that you can really look at this comment. Respond to me! Ban them! I’ll change my review if you just respond to this and BAN THEM!!! Ok thanks if you read this. Also, others reading this, you report them!!! I’m not changing my review until you do this! 😩😭😰 Also I’m not giving you my username bc you might ban ME for this review. Ok bye Ok I have another scammer who is allythebunny8. Well they are really a beggar but STILL! They are a scammer too. Dressing up as an unrated jammer and asking for peoples stuff. Yea.
  • Please add the following (if possible)

    By mmmm delicious water
    So Play Wild is a great game, however I have a few suggestions. 1. So some new and guest jammers find it hard to earn sapphires, so if non-members (like me) could possibly get 150 sapphires every month like members do, (except they always get 500) that would give non-members a chance at buying a cool den or animal. 2. I’ve been wanting a home theater for the longest time and I can’t get one. It would be nice if beta/older items came back for a bit then left again. 3. Please lower the price of potions in the Phantom Dimension! It’s just so time consuming battling all those Phantoms just to get 3,500 Phantom Tokens. Maybe lower the price to 1,500 so others could get more potions to share with others. I really do enjoy hosting sapphire drop parties and lowering the price of the potions would make it much easier to buy them. And maybe when someone gets a Super Sapphire potion, maybe make it so they can make the desired amount of sapphires they would like to drop (possibly from 3 to 10) because that would make more jammers happier that they’d get more sapphires to use. 4. The R.I.M treasure hunt items aren’t always the best. I’ve gotten all of them at least three times and that makes it really boring because you always know what you’re going to get. So please change up the rares and add some unavailable R.I.M things from the stores and put them into treasure hunts. And also on Sapphire Wednesday, I thought maybe to be fair to those who don’t have many sapphires, why can’t all the boxes be full with sapphire chests? 5. When there is a new item/animal/den why don’t you make it the price it is when it goes on sale (animals and dens) or take a few hundred gems or so off of the item if it’s a new clothing/den item? And after a week or so once everyone knows it’s a new item just have it go back to its normal price. Sometimes, I wish there was some sort of “Super Sale” like dens and animals only cost 50 sapphires and pets only cost 15. That would be super cool! 6. I think it’s a little weird that when you recycle something sapphire-bought you can’t get sapphires from is as you do with gem items. I think it’s a little unfair for those who don’t have many sapphires. 7. Thank you!!!! I don’t know how many times I want to say thank you for listening to my suggestions in Play Wild!!! You’ve added pet squirrels, camels, moose, skunks, and so many more things I and probably other people suggested. So thanks a million ! I really hope you guys add this and respond. Thanks again! 😁 -123babybunnyboo456
  • Things you NEED to add

    By Mr. Nightroom
    PLEASE let us trade dens, pets, animals, etc. And PLEASE add video chat!!! ( restrictions obviously) And it would be awesome to give others gems and saphires!!! Thx!!!
  • Best game ever!!!

    By Aj top fan😻😻
    That’s all I have to say beside plz add owls!
  • Corgi

    By Kerryandlacey
    Ok so you have a lot of animals but you don’t have a corgi dog or cat I think this wold be good for role players ( me ) or people that want to be adopted like “cats” or “dog” so yeah Love Kd528

    By king redpanda
    Hey aj, I have been jamming almost my whole life, I did it all the way until I was nine, I started when I was five and I did notice some bad things happening. The reason i stated this four stars is bc everyone is soo picky.... and saphires and memberships cost a lot. And I would get this back up to five stars if u would gift me, rainbow tail, forest boots, dizzy stars and rainbow spike. It has actually been my dream items science was seven I could not believe they were in stores, but I did find out they where hard to get and I had to go through some life changing people to get all of this. So please help and my old friends lillyxmas is bullying me and my bffs so pls understand wat is going on with this I would also like if there would be a dragon as a animal? My user is happys987
  • Awesome game and things I hate 😑

    By nynypuppu17
    👌 u know animal jam is 👍 I don’t get it soo much for some stupid sapphires pls help😤😤😤😒 why isn’t it look animal jam I played since pc it is sooo expensive. I wasted $50.00 dollars for my kid... someone also reported or log on to her account and suspended her she was like so mad and throwing a fit, anyway I love the game keeps her active please AJHQ I also bought a membership and it didn’t get it!!Anyway if u want to friend her the user is roseierules25 thx ajpw and AJHQ and animaljam u r the best company if u fix thins stuff so much better 😉😀😀😊😊